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Better oil dielectric tester, More you can have.

Mar 26, 2024 | Company News, News

Tan delta cable testing is a diagnostic technique, it used to assess the condition and insulation quality of electrical cables, particularly medium and high-voltage cables. It is a non-destructive testing method that measures the dielectric dissipation factor, also known as the tan delta or loss angle. If cables exist potential harm will lead to potential failures and outages, but this testing can ensure the safe and reliable features of cable. It can save many unnecessary cost, including human and financial resources for us. Except that, it can also ensure the safe function of transformer.

Know more about the oil dielectric tester.

Insulating oil also is a crucial point to keep transformer’s safe. If you want to test the quality of insulating oil, you can choose an oil dielectric tester. In our company, you can find these devices. Let us to know the main purpose of an oil dielectric tester, it used to test the ability of the insulating oil to withstand electrical stress without experiencing dielectric breakdown in many industrial projects. It also is a specialized instrument that can measure the dielectric strength of oils, such as mineral oils, synthetic esters, and so on.

dielectric strength of oil

Why the dielectric strength of oils is important?

As can be seen in preceding part of this text, the dielectric strength of oils is a crucial sector in electrical equipment like transformers, capacitors, and high-voltage cables. In these devices, the oil serves as an insulating medium. This test is very importance. If we do not test the oil at a regular period, we will not know the insulation performance of the insulating oil decreases. This problem may lead the power equipment face the risk of insulation breakdown. Then there will have a serious impact on the normal operation of the equipment and the safety of personnel. Thus it is necessary to have a good oil dielectric tester to ensure the quality of oil.

How to use the oil dielectric tester?

1) Ground the instrument reliable.

(2) When the power is off, place the magnetic vibrator in the oil test cup.

(3) The oil test must be placed in the test room for a period of time without destroying the original storage seal. Wait until the oil temperature is close to room temperature before you can uncover the lid and test.

It is very important to use the oil dielectric tester correctly.