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Find the means of oil breakdown test.

Mar 28, 2024 | Company News, News

In the electrical and electronics parts, dielectric breakdown testing is a basic way in various industries. This testing can evaluate the ability of an insulating solid material or component to withstand high voltages at the premise of not be breakdown or experiencing electrical fails.

Let us know more about this testing. The fundamental principle of dielectric breakdown testing is applying a controlled high voltage across the insulating solid material or component under test and then measure the voltage at which the insulation fails. When it fails, electricity can flow away the material. This failure point is known as the dielectric breakdown voltage or the dielectric strength of the material.

Dielectric breakdown testing always play an important role in these scenarios.

1.Electrical equipment manufacturing: It can test the insulation of transformers, cables, capacitors, motors, and other electrical components.

2.Electronics industry: when you want to evaluate the dielectric strength of printed circuit boards, insulating coatings, and other electronic components. This testing can help you to complete this idea.

3.Solid material testing: Characterizing the dielectric properties of new or improved insulating materials for research and development purposes.

4.Quality control: By this testing, we can ensure our manufactured products meet specified dielectric strength requirements and safety standards.

5.Preventive maintenance: If we want to identify potential failures and plan maintenance or replacement. Testing the condition of insulation in aging electrical equipment can do it.

dielectric breakdown testing

A suitable machine that can accomplish dielectric breakdown testing.

High voltage breakdown tester is a wise chose for us. Depending on different requirements, high voltage breakdown testers can be designed for different voltage ranges. It has enough flexibility to meet our needs. Such as they typically have these features such as adjustable voltage ramps, data logging, and safety interlocks to ensure accurate and safe testing procedures.

In insulation systems, proper testing and maintenance are crucial to prevent electrical failures, ensure equipment reliability, and minimize potential hazards in high-voltage applications. In our company, our high voltage breakdown tester equipped with a microprocessor, automatically fulfill the withstand voltage test for oil circulation with a range of 0~100KV and it display by large-screen LCD. All of these designs be made to make the operation simpler.

Why oil breakdown test is also important in industrial?

In electrical equipment and systems which utilize insulating oils. The oil breakdown test is a necessary component of a comprehensive maintenance and quality assurance program. Its importance lies in ensuring safety, reliability, compliance, and cost-effectiveness in various industrial sectors. It has many common aspects with dielectric breakdown testing, but they also have some different aspects.

Oil breakdown test always be used in testing liquid insulating materials, such as insulating oil or insulating liquid. And it is commonly used in transformers and other high-voltage electrical equipment because insulating oil is usually used insulating medium in this equipment.

In general, although dielectric breakdown testing and oil breakdown test are both test methods used to evaluate insulation performance, we need to choose the one which suits our materials.