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How to choose the transformer turn ratio tester?

Mar 15, 2024 | Company News

When choosing a good transformer turn ratio tester, you can consider the following factors:


1.Accuracy: the accuracy of the tester is the most basic requirement to ensure that the measurement results are reliable.

2.Measuring range: Select the tester that can cover the required ratio range according to your needs.

3.Ease of operation: choose simple operation, easy to use tester, reduce human error.

4.Data storage and transmission: with data storage and transmission function of the tester can be convenient to record and share the test results.

5.Stability: choose good stability, long time use is not easy to drift tester.

6. Automation features: some testers have automation features, which can improve the efficiency of the test and reduce errors in the operation process.

7. Price and performance ratio: under the premise of performance to meet the requirements, consider the balance between price and performance, choose the more cost-effective tester.

To sum up, according to your specific needs, budget and usage scenarios, weigh the above factors and choose the right transformer ratio tester. It is best to read user reviews and professional reviews to get more feedback before choosing.


Variable ratio refers to the voltage ratio or current ratio, which is the ratio of voltage or current between the primary and secondary windings of a device that transforms voltage or current. In a transformer, the ratio of the primary-side electromotive force E1 to the secondary-side E2 is called the transformer’s ratio, and is expressed in terms of k, i.e., k = E1/E2 .

In the power transformer production, user handover and maintenance test process, the transformer ratio test is a must-do project, so that can effectively monitor the quality of transformer products and the use of the process, to prevent the transformer turn-to-turn short-circuit, open-circuit, connecting the wrong, voltage regulator switch internal failure or contact failure.