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How to help you choose the right primary current injection test set?

Mar 29, 2024 | Company News

There are currently many manufacturers of high current generators (primary current injection test set) on the market. Since these products have some differences in quality, what issues should we pay attention to during the selection process?


First of all, you must be clear about your needs when choosing a generator.

Because according to different uses, the capacity and specifications of the selected generators are essentially different. For example, for regular use, there are generators with different specifications such as 500A, 1000A, 2000A, etc. Only when you understand the generator you are using After purchasing the equipment, make targeted choices so that you dont buy the wrong specifications. Take a power engineering company as an example. Generally, users engaged in 10KV power engineering units purchase generators mainly for on-site transmission tests, that is, to apply a large current on the primary side to ensure that the loop is in an overcurrent state and to verify relay protection and Whether the circuit breaker will operate normally, generally use a 500A generator with a working time of 5 minutes. Units such as general electrical equipment manufacturers need to pay attention when purchasing high-current generators. They must choose equipment with appropriate working hours to ensure that the detection of product temperature rise tests can be completed accurately.


Secondly, when choosing a high current generator manufacturer, it is best to choose products from experienced companies. Because these companies are generally relatively strong and have some strict requirements in the production and quality inspection process of their products, the quality of the products they produce is relatively good, and you will feel more at ease during use.


In addition, when choosing a generator, we can also start directly from some details, which can also help us choose regular products during the understanding process. For example, looking at the overall workmanship and some materials used, these will also directly affect the use effect of the product.