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Karl fischer auto titrator: guarantee the quality of your products

Mar 22, 2024 | Company News, News

In many industries, the amount of water content in the material is the point of the quality of the product, so it is important to check the among of water content in the material. To ensure our measuring result is accurate, we need the tight tools.

why choose it?

You may know karl fischer titration instrument ,which is an analytical tool that used to test the water content in a wide range of materials, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oils, and food products. A Karl Fischer (KF) coulometric titrator is one of the most accurate methods. Unlike other techniques, it can trace low levels of free, emulsified and dissolved (which cannot be detected with other methods such as a crackle test). When used correctly, the test is capable of measuring water levels as low as 1 ppm or 0.0001 percent. At the same time, It can electrolysis by fast speed that can help us increase our efficiency.

karl fischer titration instrument

Another instrument you may interest.

Except karl fischer titration instrument, coulometric kf titrator is another instrument . Coulometric kf titrator is an instrument based on Coulometric titration and Karl Fischer titration. It is used to determine moisture content. Compare with karl fischer titration instrument, coulometric titration have higher sensitivity and accuracy and are suitable for the determination of samples with low moisture content, but we need know that it price is also high.

coulometric kf titrator

There have a smarter tool.

If you just want to measure the content of water in chemical and medical industries, karl fischer auto titrator may adapt your demand better. It completes the process automatically that can save the cost of production. The three instruments can accomplish this method by the reaction between water and a specific reagent solution, known as the Karl Fischer reagent.