Contact Resistance Tester ZWHR-100R

♦Multiple protection function;
♦Intelligent power management technology;
♦High output voltage and wide measurement range.


Product Introduction

Based on IEC Standard to design for high accurate and digital switches testing. 
The instrument adopts high frequency superpower constant current switch power source technology, can test micro ohm contact resistance. Wildly use in varies switch and electric appliance contact resistance test loop resistance test cable wires test weld contact resistance test.
The machine has high accuracy and great stability, which can meet the requirement of electric power supplier department for high voltage switch maintaining and loop resistance tester.

Functional Characteristics

1.The machine can be controlled by the phone using special software so that the test result can save the phone and queried.
2.The machine has multiple Protection function such as overhot of power protection  disconnection protection and outage protection during the test.
3.Intelligent power management technology, save energy to avoid the machine become hot
4.High output voltage and wide measurement range
5.Quickly test, The test current is from high accurancy constant current,which don’t need to regulate manually.
6.The four-terminal wiring method is used to effectively eliminate the influence of the resistance of the test line on the test results.
7.7 inch color tauch scrren, English version
8.The instrument comes with a perpetual calendar clock and power-off storage, which can store 1000 sets of test data, which can be consulted at any time
9.The instrument has Bluetooth communication, RS232 communication and USB interface for computer communication and U disk data storage.
10.Micro printer to print the result

Technical Parameter

Measuring current 50A 、100A
Measuring range 0~100mΩ(50A) 0~50mΩ(100A)
Resolution mini 0.1µΩ
Accuracy ±(0.5%±2word)
Power 1000W
Working method 1000W
Power supply AC220V±10%  50HZ
Temperature 0~40℃
Relative humidity ≦90%  no dew
Volume 450mm×240mm×280mm
Weight 15.6 KG

Product Details

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