High Voltage Divider ZWSGB

♦High precision ;
♦Good anti-jamming performance;
♦Safe and reliable.

Product Introduction

This product is an idea device for HV measuring; mostly apply in power system, electronic equipment factory to test frequency AC high voltage and DC high voltage.
This product is composed by HV divider and LV display meter. The two parts are connected by the supporting cable.

Functional Characteristics

1. High precision 
Uses high precision HV thin-film capacitor and HV glass glaze resistor, input impedance is high, lower the measured current, small power consumption, improves the accuracy and stability of the device.
For signal processing, adopts high performance OP to amplify the signal, uses the newest dual integrating A/D sampling technique, four and half LCD display, the maximum resolution up to 0.001kV, it is the replacement products for HV electrostatic voltmeter.
2. Good anti-jamming performance.
Adopts special shield technique. equipotential ball uses aluminum , effectively improves the electric field distribution around the equipotential ball, prevents the point discharge, improves the anti-jamming ability of the test results. LV display meter is full metal enclosed instruction to shield, Coaxial cable connect the HV divider and LV display meter, reduce the effects to indicating value by high voltage, then realize high stability, high linearity.
3. Safe and reliable.
This device is composed by HV divider and LV display meter, the HV divider uses America Dupont packing material, special technique to embed, with smaller structure, lighter weight, lower the internal partial discharge to the least, more reliable, do not leak oil. Coaxial cable connect the HV divider and LV display meter when working, the HV and LV parts are far away from each other, safe and reliable.
4. Easy to operate.
Uses toggle switch to shift HV/LV, AC/DC, convenient and swift. Four and half LCD directly display the test results, easy and clear. Bring great convenience for field tests.
5. Convenient to carry.
Portable structure, the whole machine use aluminum alloy package as case, can easily to disassemble. Small in volume, light in weight, convenient to carry and use.


Technical Parameter

Partial pressure ratio of voltage divider 1000:1
Insulating medium dupont dry dielectric
Ac measurement  true effective value measurement
Environmental conditions
Temperature   0 ~ 40℃
Wet degree 85% RH or less
Specification parameters
Model Voltage level Accuracy Measurement range Resistance Signal Wire Length Dimensionmm3 Weightkg
SGB-50C AC50kV,DC50kV AC1.0% DC0.5% Low0-20kV,High0-50kV 600 3m 180*180*620 6
SGB-100C AC100kV,DC100kV AC1.0% DC0.5% Low0-20kV,High0-100kV 1200 3m 180*180*900 8
SGB-150C AC150kV,DC150kV AC1.0% DC0.5% Low0-20kV,High0-150kV 1800 4m 250*250*1100 15
SGB-200C AC200kV,DC200kV AC1.0% DC0.5% Low0-20kV,High0-200kV 2400 4m 250*250*1330 17
SGB-300C AC300kV,DC300kV AC1.5% DC1.0% Low0-20kV,High0-300kV 3600 5m 250*250*1900 22



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