Interfacial Tension Tester ZWZL300

♦high automation
♦reliable operation
♦good repeatability and simple operation

Demo Video

Functional Characteristics

Color touch screen and buttons of full English menu prompt are adopted, which achieved high automation, reliable operation, good repeatability and simple operation of the instrument. 
All the tests can be completed by simply following the menu prompts after turning on the instrument.

Technical Parameter

Display Color touch screen display, English menu prompt, and
involved with all the tests and calculation contents in GB6541
Measurement range 2~200 mN/m
Flexibility 0.1 mN/m
Accuracy 0.1 mN/m 
Resolution 0.1 mN/m
Repeatability 0.30%
Applicable temperature 10~30℃(Typical value: 25℃)
Applicable humidity (20~75)﹪RH
Power supply AV 220V±5%    50Hz
Power 20VA
Overall size 185×260×360(mm)
Weight About 15kg

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