Kinematic Viscosity Tester ZWND1001

♦High resolution color touch screen technology, rich interface, clear, touch screen response fast and flexible
♦The large capacity memory chips
♦Accurate temperature control

Demo Video

Product Introduction

ZWND1001 kinematic viscosity of petroleum products automatic tester with GB/T265 1988 the kinematic viscosity of petroleum products determination method and calculation of dynamic viscosity, suitable for the determination of kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products (Newtonian fluid). The method refers to under a constant temperature and determination of a certain volume of liquid under gravity through a calibrated glass capillary viscometer time, product of viscometer capillary constant and flow time, namely the temperature determination the kinematic viscosity of the liquid (the temperature kinematic viscosity with temperature of liquid density plot for the temperature of liquid dynamic viscosity).

Functional Characteristics

1.With high resolution color touch screen technology, rich interface, clear, touch screen response fast and flexible;
2.The large capacity memory chips up 2000 results; 
3.The panel mounted thermal printing machine, end of the assay, automatic printing rapid determination of results and sample number, determination of time, viscometer constant, diameter, kinematic viscosity value information preservation;
4.Oil product viscosity automatic measuring instrument, using advanced fuzzy PID temperature control technology, accurate temperature control.

Technical Parameter

Display device color LCD display+touch screen
Temperature range ~150
Setting temperature 20,50,80,100,40(higher than~150)
Temperature control accuracy 0.02
Test hole number 4 hole
Time range 0~999 seconds(according to the national standard requirements,the flow time of each test sample is higher than 200 seconds)
Time accuracy 0.1 seconds
Time 1~4 times optional
Storage capacity 2000 test records
Print mode panel mounted thermal printer
Power source AC220V 5% 50Hz 5%
Work rate 1600W
Using environmental temperature 5~35
Using ambient humidity 10%~80%

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