Oil Particle Counter ZWP60C

♦Good repeatability and high measurement precision.
♦Backwash sensor function. Ensure measurement accuracy.
♦Different methods of measurement can be selected. (single and continuous)

Company Profile

The company specializes in the research and development, production, sales, and service of electric power system automation testing equipment, providing customers with one-stopservices.

Functional Characteristics

*It is a device to measure the cleanliness of liquids such as clear oils, water-based solutions (including water), reagents and chemical reagents.
*There is 8 channels and can be custom. Good repeatability and high measurement precision.
*New piston pump,flow regulation is not affected by viscosity and pressure.
*Backwash sensor function. Ensure measurement accuracy.
*Different methods of measurement can be selected.(single and continuous)
*A liquid for measuring high viscisity.(flow adjustment options)
*Data that canstore 1G.
*Its measuring range is from 1m to 400m, the results can be put out in the mode of ISO4406(1999),ISO4406(1991),NAS1638B,GJB420A-96,GJB420B-96,According to customer requirements, SAE-749D,GB10594-2002,TOCT17216-71 standards can be loaded. Other standards can be customized.
*Particle analysis in accordance with 1-24 grades(ISO4406) and 0-12 grades (Nas1638).
*8 inch color LCD screen,built-in printer, with its own calibration procedure.

Technical Parameter

Suction connection Max 10 bar
Pressure Variation Permissible
Medium Hydraulic fluids, fuel oil, kerosene , water and other transparent liquids
Viscosity at low pressure oil suction port Max 68 mm2/s
Temperature range  0-50℃   Medium    0-80℃
Sensor flow rate 30 ml/min
Flushing volume flow 30 ml/min
Measuring Volume 10~100 ml adjustable
Flushing volume 0~50 ml  adjustable
Measurable particle size 1~400m
Sensor Laser diode sensor
Number of channels 8
Display according NAS 1638 5-15/15-25/25-50/50-100/>100µm
NAS classes 0~12
Display according ISO 4406(1991) >2/>5/>15µm or >4/>6/>14µm
ISO4406 classes 1~24
Calibration ACFTD stive (ISO 4402, 5mg/l) ISO MTD stive (ISO 11171, 2.8mg/l) 
Power supply Ac 220V to 24V DC power adapter (standard)
Dimensions 410*310*155mm
Weight 7.5 kg

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