Online Oil Particle Counter ZWLPC

♦Suitable for on-site online detection.
♦Any alarm level for all standards can be set independently.
♦Optional 4G module supports remote data monitoring.

Product Introduction

ZWLPC online oil particle counter adopts the counting principle of photoresist (shielding) method specified by the International Hydraulic Standards Committee, and is specially used for on-site online measurement and oil contamination level detection device. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, fast detection speed, high precision and good repeatability, and can work under harsh conditions such as high temperature and high pressure. It is suitable for engine oil, gear oil, transformer oil (i.e. insulating oil), hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, synthetic oil and other oils. It can be widely used in aerospace, petrochemical industry, transportation and ports, steel metallurgy, automobile manufacturing and other fields.

Functional Characteristics

1.Suitable for on-site online detection, which can monitor particle contamination in oil systems in real time.
2.Built-in data analysis system can display the real data of particle size in each channel and automatically determine the sample grade.
3.Built-in particle pollution level standards such as ISO4406, NAS1638, SAE4059, GJB420A, GJB420B, ГOCT17216, GB/T14039, etc. One test can give results of all built-in standards.
4.Built-in calibration function, can be calibrated according to GB/T21540, ISO4402, ISO11171, GB/T18854 and other standards.
5.Any alarm level for all standards can be set independently to realize pollution or cleanliness detection.
6.RS232 or RS485 interface supports standard modbus protocol and can be connected to computers, host computers, printers, PLC systems or other devices for data monitoring and processing.
7.Optional 4G module supports remote data monitoring, historical data, and curve query via mobile phone or computer (optional).
8.Built-in moisture and temperature sensor module (optional).

Technical Parameter

Light source  semiconductor laser
Particle size range 1-500μm (different types of sensors are selected)
Data storage Provide 1,000 sets of data storage space and support USB storage
Sensitivity 1μm or 4μm (c)
 Limit coincidence error 40,000 grains/ml
Test interval 1 second-24 hours
Power supply AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz or DC12-40V

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