Petroleum Product Density Meter ZWMD806

♦high temperature control precision
♦ reliable performance
♦convenient operation

Company Profile

The company specializes in the research anddevelopment, production, sales, and service of electric power system automation testing equipment, providing customers with one-stopservices.

Product Introduction

ZWMD806 type oil density automatic measuring instrument, in accordance with the requirements of 1884-2000 GB/T method. Instrument adopts high performance microprocessor, blue LCD display and PID self tuning control technique, the instrument has high temperature control precision, reliable performance, convenient operation, etc. is petroleum, electric power, chemical and other industries to replace imported products of special instruments.

Functional Characteristics

Color touch screen.

Technical Parameter

Temperature control range 0-100℃
Control accuracy ±0.05 ℃
Add cooling medium water or ethanol
Number of cold bath holes 2 holes
Power supply AC220V±10%
Frequency 50Hz±2.5Hz
heating power 1500W

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