Petroleum Products Acid Automatic Tester ZWYG2816

★High electromagnetic compatibility (EMC);
★Easy operation;
★Safe and reliable.

Company Profile

The company specializes in the research anddevelopment, production, sales, and service of electric power system automation testing equipment, providing customers with one-stopservices.

Product Introduction

Petroleum Products Acid Automatic Tester is designed as the special instrument for laboratories. It has features such as small volume, light weight, high precision, easy operation and environment friendly etc. It adopts high performance micro processor and HDD technology. It can test different samples simultaneously, automatically rotate the sample cup, automatically titrate the sample, automatically stop testing and automatically print the testing result. In the meantime, it avoids the direct contact between the operator and thechemical reagent. It is widely used in the laboratories of army, electricity and petroleum sectors.

Functional Characteristics

(1)High electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
The instrument is anti-jamming of the fluctuation of power line and environment electromagnetism. It is suitable to the standard of IEC801.
(2)Easy operation
It adopts menu operation method of computer, which is clear and familiar. 6-cup Structure is convenient and swift.
(3)Safe and reliable
The reagent is put in the special bottle and is not contacted with air during the testing, avoiding the influence of the reaction between CORRECT and carbon dioxide. The operator does not contact with the reagent by hand, avoiding the harm to human body caused by the reagent and chemicals at the maximum degree.

Technical Parameter

Monitor screen High definition color touch screen
Precision Acid between 0.001—0.1mgKOH/g 0.01mgKOH/gAcid between 0.1—0.5mgKOH/g 0.03mgKOH/gAcid between 0.5—1.0mgKOH/g 0.07mgKOH/g
Resolution 0.001mgKOH/g
Testing scope 0.001—1.000mgKOH/g
Testing method Neutralization
Number of testing sample 6
Power supply AC220V±10% 50Hz
Environment temperature -20℃—50℃
Environment humidity ≤75%
Dimension LxBxH 440x280x200mm
Printer Thermal printer (40 lines)
Power 60W
Weight 10KG

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