Power Quality Analyzer ZWD510

♦5.6-inch LCD color screen;
♦3-Phase voltage and N-to-PE measurement;
♦4 current measurements for 3-phases and Neutral.

Product Introduction

The 3-phase Power Quality Analyzer is a rugged, portable device for troubleshooting power quality. The compact size and power supply from the measurement line make it a versatile tool for live measurements and long-term logging. 

Functional Characteristics

●5.6-inch LCD color screen display with a resolution of 640dots×480dots;
●Different colors to display the parameters of each phase, waveform diagram, phasor diagram, and harmonic ratio diagram;
●3-Phase voltage and N-to-PE measurement;
●4 current measurements for 3-phases and Neutral; 
●Built-in flash memory with large capacity, storing 60 sets of screen capture, 150 sets of transient voltage/current capture wave forms, 12800 sets of alarm logs;
●32G memory card, recording and storing trend graphs for up to 960 days;
●Communicate with the computer via USB

Technical Parameter

Power 11.1V 7800mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Battery Level Indicator When the battery power is too low, it will automatically shut down after 1 minute.
Power Consumption The current consumption is 410mA, and the battery can work continuously for about 15 hours when fully charged.
Display Mode LCD, 640dots×480dots, 5.6 inches, display area:116mm×88mm
Jaw size S-008 Current Clamp:7.5mm×13mm(Optional)
S-070 Current Clamp:Φ70mm(Optional)
S-105 Current Clamp:Φ105mm(Optional)
S-150 Current Clamp:Φ150mm(Optional)
S-200JF Rogowski Coil:Φ200mm。(Optional)
Instrument Size L:265mm×W:215mm×H:85mm
Number of Channels 4U/4I
Line Voltage 1.0V2000V
Phase Voltage 1.0V1000V
Current S-008 Current Clamp:10mA10.0A;
S-070 Current Clamp:0.10A100A;
S-105 Current Clamp:1.0A~200A;
S-150 Current Clamp:10.0A~600A;
S-200JF Rogowski Coil:5A~100A, 50A~1000A, 100A~9000A
Frequency 40Hz70Hz
CT Turn Ratio
Parameters of electricity W,VA,Var,PF,DPF,cosφ,tanφ
Energy Parameters Wh, Varh,Vah
Harmonic 50
Total Harmonic distortion 150, each phase
Expert Mode
Number of Transient Record 150 Sets
Voltage Flicker
Starting Current 100 Seconds
Three Phase Unbalance
Record 960 days, record 20 parameters at the same time, record 1 point every 1 second
Alarm 40 different types of parameter selections, 12,800 sets alarm logs
Peak Value
Screenshot Capacity 60
Menu Language Chinese and English
USB interface
Automatic shut-down In alarm/trend graph record/start current detection/transient capture/online power and energy mode, the instrument will not automatically shut down.
In other test modes, if it is not in the test state or there is no key operation for 15 minutes, it will automatically shut down after 1 minute.
Backlight Suitable for dark places and night use
Instrument Weight Instrument weight: appro 1.6kg including battery
S-008 Current Clamp:appro 125g×4;(Optional)
S-070 Current Clamp:appro 556g×4;(Optional)
S-105 Current Clamp:appro 558g×4;(Optional)
S-150 Current Clamp:appro 1.2kgx4;(Optional)
S-200JF Rogowski Coil:appro 325g×4, including battery;(Optional)
Test leads and power adapter: appro 900g;
Total Weight: appro 15kg, including outer packing
Voltage Test Line Length 3m
Current Clamp Line length 2m
Working Temperature and Humidity -10℃~40℃;below 80%Rh
Storage Temperature and Humidity -10℃~60℃;below 70%Rh
Input Resistance 1MΩ
Withstand Voltage The sine wave AC voltage of 3700V/50Hz between the instrument line and housing lasts for 1 minute.
Insulation Insulation between the instrument line and the sheath ≥10MΩ
Structure Double insulation with insulating and vibration-proof sheath
Safety Regulation IEC 61010 1000V Cat III / 600V CAT IV,IEC61010-031,IEC61326,Pollution Level 2
Current Clamp (Optional)
Current Clamp True RMS Current Max Tolerance of True RMS Current Max Tolerance of Phase Angle φ
  S-008 10mA~99mA ±(1%+3dgt) ±(1.5°),Arms≥20mA
100mA~10.0A ±(1%+3dgt) ±(1°)
S-070 0.10A~0.99A ±(1%+3dgt) ±(1.5°)
1.00A~100A ±(1%+3dgt) ±(1°)
S-105 1.0A~9.9A ±(2%+3dgt) ±(3°)
10.0A~200A ±(2%+3dgt) ±(2°)
S-150 10.0A~600A ±(2%+3dgt) ±(2°)
S-200JF Rogowski Coil 5A~100A ±(1%+3dgt) ±(3°)
50A~1000A ±(1%+3dgt) ±(2°)
100A~9000A ±(1%+3dgt) ±(2°)

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