SF6 Comprehensive Tester ZWZH-IV

♦Long-life probing components;
♦Large LCD display;
♦Bulk data storage.

Product Introduction

SF6 comprehensive tester integrates SF6 dew point test, SF6 purity test, and SF6 decomposition product tester, and concentrates the functions that can only be achieved with three instruments on one instrument. One on-site measurement can complete three index detections, which greatly saves gas in the equipment. At the same time, it also reduces the workload of users and greatly improves work efficiency.

Functional Characteristics

●Long-life probing components
●Combine a variety of measurement methods to meet different measurement requirements
●Large LCD display, Chinese and English menu, easy to operate
●Calibration can be performed on-site, ensuring reliable use in the field
●Touch screen operation, easy to use
●Various data synchronization display
●Bulk data storage

Technical Parameter

 dew point Measuring range:-80 ℃~+20 ℃
Measurement accuracy:±0.5℃(When the dew point temperature is below 0°C, the sensor output is the frost point)
Response time:63% take 5 seconds, 90% take 45 seconds(-60℃~+20℃)
                            63% take 10 seconds, 90% take 240 seconds(+20℃~-60℃)
 SF6 decomposition products  Measuring range:H2S range:0~100μL/L
                              SO2 range:0~100μL/L,0~2000μL/L
                              CO range: 0~500μL/L
                               HF range: 0~10μL/L
Measurement accuracy:H2S、SO2 Measurements:
                                       ≤10uL/L,error range≤±0.5 uL/L;
                                      >10uL/L,error range≤±5%
                                       CO、HF Measurements:
                                      ≤50uL/L,error range≤±2.0 uL/L;  
                                      >50uL/L,error range≤±4%
SF6 purity Measuring range:SF6:0~100%(Weight ratio)
Measurement accuracy:SF6:≤±0.5%
Measure time:< 2 minutes 

Product Details

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