Transformer Oil Tester

Superior Precision
Three-phase excitation generates balanced test voltages, eliminating distortions from single-phase mains supply for reliable metrological readings.

Maximized Efficiency
Delivering simultaneous outputs across all phases allows for faster verification versus traditional sequential single-phase methods.

Simplified Operation
A vivid 65K color LCD provides step-by-step on-screen guidance in local language without manuals. Intuitive control eases use for any skill level.

Durable Durability
A robust sealed casing protects internal components from moisture, dust and impacts during transportation and on-site deployment under all conditions. Fieldworthiness is assured.

Overall, this versatile tester incorporates design innovations to simplify ratio testing and maximize both accuracy and productivity for any location or application compared to typical single-phase units. Three-phase excitation and automated procedures minimize complexities.

Company Profile

The company specializes in the research anddevelopment, production, sales, and service of electric power systemautomation testing equipment, providing customers with one-stopservices.

Product Introduction

  • Throughout transformer manufacturing and maintenance, IEC standards recommend ratio testing to ensure consistent performance in operation. The new ZWBB101 ratio tester addresses shortcomings of traditional methods.
  • Where bridges required single-phase readings with non-intuitive data and unit conversions, this instrument displays direct multi-phase results on a large high-resolution screen. Menu navigation is simple and intuitive.
  • Key applications include verifying ratio accuracy for semi-finished and finished units during production. It also checks newly installed and in-service transformers at utilities.
  • Tests evaluate ratio values as well as tap changer condition and potential issues like inter-turn faults or parallel switching ability.
  • By simultaneously examining all three phases, the device completes verification much faster with greater precision than sequential single-phase assessment. This improved efficiency supports quality control and operational diagnostics.
  • Complying with standards, the tester facilitates manufacturing quality assurance and condition assessment, overcoming obstacles of past bridge-based ratio evaluation. Intuitive menu drive operation streamlines the assessment process.

Functional Characteristics

  • This precision transformer tester features innovative three-phase inverter technology for improved accuracy and efficiency. Internally generated balanced voltages eliminate mains harmonic interference for more reliable readings.
  • Using three outputs accelerates assessment through simultaneous multi-phase measurement. Phase angles and transformer configuration are automatically determined from wiring groups.
  • Compatibility spans various device types like Z-transformers, rectifiers, grounders, furnace transformers and more. Protection functions maintain safety under various fault conditions.
  • Inverter power ensures stability versus traditional single-phase mains derived units. Reverse/fault protections safeguard the instrument and device under test.
  • Key parameters can be entered to automatically assess ratio values and tolerances, including non-uniform tap changers up to 99 positions verified.
  • A vivid LCD guides users through each step plainly in their language. Microprinter, ports and wireless options facilitate documentation.
  • Sealed housing withstands field deployment. An app connects the tester to smartphones via Bluetooth for remote display and archiving test records anytime via mobile access point.
  • Advanced features like three-phase excitation and integrated controls remove complexities, streamlining verification forAccuracy and user-experience.

Technical Parameter

Power Electronic
Range 0.9~10000mer
Accuracy ±0.1%+2wrods (0.9~500)
±0.2%+2words (501-2000)
±0.5%+2words (2001-10000)
Resolution Minimum is 0.0001
Output voltage According to load to adjust automatically
Working power supply AC220V±10% 50±1Hz
Applied temperature -10℃~40℃
Contrary humidity ≤85%, no dew
Size TTR Tester 360*290*170(mm)
Wire box 360*290*170(mm)
Weigth 5.9Kg

Product Details

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