Transformer On-load Switch Tester ZWK101

♦Instrument output current, light weight;
♦7-inch large LCD display, easy on-site operation;
♦500 sets of data can be saved in Internal automatically.


Product Introduction

The on-load tap-changer is the only moving part connected to the transformer circuit. Therefore, the detection of the on-load tap-changer is becoming more and more important. In the “power equipment transfer and preventive test procedures”, asked to check the on-load tap-changer action sequence, measurement switching time. The instrument is mainly used to measure the transformer on-load tap-changer transition waveform, transition time, the instantaneous transition resistance, three-phase synchronization and so on.
The instrument is highly intelligent, all English menu prompts, simple operation. Instrument small size, light weight, anti-interference ability, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the site staff, is the power supply units, transformer manufacturing industry to ensure safe production, improve product quality ideal instrument.

Functional Characteristics

1.Instrument output current, light weight;
2.Test YN, Y, △ type transformer, the resistance unnecessary to be converted but directly display;
3.With winding or without winding measurement;
4.Waveform display automatically adjusts the resistance according to the sampled value, the time value amplitude
5.There is a perfect protection circuit, reliability and strong;
6.7-inch large LCD display, easy on-site operation;
7.Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, can not take external power (optional)
8.500 sets of data can be saved in Internal automatically.


Technical Parameter

Output current 1.0A, 0.5A 0.2A
Measuring range Transition resistance     20Ω(1.0A)   40Ω(0.5A)  20Ω100Ω(0.2A)
Transition time 0 ~ 320ms
Open circuit voltage 24V
Measurement accuracy Transition resistance ± (5% reading ± 0.1Ω)
Transition time ± (0.1% reading ± 0.2ms)
Sampling rate of 20kHz
Storage mode Local storage
Dimensions 340mm × 245mm × 210mm
Instrument weight 7kg

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