Transformer Turns Ratio Tester ZWBB201

♦superior in performance
♦powerful in function
♦small in size and light in weight

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Product Introduction

ZWBB201 Transformer Turns Ratio Tester,It is a new generation of intelligent products independently developed by our company. The instrument adopts the popular ARM processor, 168M main frequency and 128M memory, which can be expanded with 4G memory card. The LCD adopts a 7- inch high-definition color touch screen, combined with the emwin display interface, which makes the instrument interface friendly and easy to operate, and can be operated on a full touch screen without a keyboard. The instrument can support the database and can be exported through a USB flash drive or transmitted to the background computer through a data cable.
The circuit design of the instrument is exquisite and the idea is unique, which makes it superior in performance, powerful in function, small in size and light in weight. The instrument uses a program-controlled signal source inside, which can output single-phase, two-phase or three-phase standard sine wave signals or high-frequency signals, and the output phase frequency can be adjusted arbitrarily. The instrument adopts the new algorithm developed by our company, which can measure the transformation ratio of the three-phase transformer without adjusting the balance of the three-phase power supply and can ensure the measurement accuracy. The test speed is fast, and the transformation ratio and wiring mode can be measured in  about 3 seconds.

Functional Characteristics

1.The tester makes automatic measurement with no need to set any parameters and automatically completes the three-phase ratio and connection group measurements with easy operation. All you need to do is to press a button.
2.It can automatically measure the transformation ratio of three-phase and single-phase transformers, it can measure the PT transformation ratio, and it can calculate the transformation ratio error.
3.The built-in three-phase signal source can measure the transformation ratio of transformers in various connection groups such as Y/y , Y/d , D/y , D/d , ZN/y , ZN/d , etc.
4.It can measure the label and polarity of the transformer connection group. It also displays the primary and secondary wiring vector diagrams, which are intuitive and clear. The instrument comes with a self-calibration function, which can identify test line or instrument failures based on  the self-calibration results.
5.It can automatically track the position of the transformer on-load tap changer, and automatically indicate the current tap point.
6.It can display the primary and secondary voltage waveform  diagram and phase relationship of the transformer, and can measure the primary and secondary voltage harmonics of the transformer, which is convenient for analyzing transformer faults.
7.The instrument has CT, PT ratio and polarity testing functions.
8.Small size, light weight, accurate measurement, fast speed (about 3 seconds to complete the test).
9.All measurement results can be stored or printed. The instrument has  a built-in 128M memory (extensible 4G memory card), and the database can be exported by USB or uploaded to the computer. The database supports the opening method of excel electronic form, which is convenient for editing, printing or archiving.
10.It adopts 7- inch true-color touch screen operation, emwin GUI interface, supports English character input, and the operation is simple and convenient. No power-off calendar, clock function, can store test time at any time.
11.It can support Bluetooth or serial printer to print records on site.
12.Built-in thermal micro-printer can print measurement results in real time.


Technical Parameter

Ratio measurement range  0.8-50000
Ratio measurement accuracy 0.1% (0.8-1000), 0.2% (1000-50000)
Output voltage high-voltage side output AC (12-160V)
Working power supply AC100-240V±15% (built-in lithium battery power supply needs to be customized by the user)
Working temperature  -10℃~50℃
Ambient humidity ≤90%RH
Volume  320mm×230mm×140mm
Weight 4.6 kg (not including the test line)

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