ZHIWEI is a leading manufacturer of petrochemical testing equipment in China. One of their flagship products is the Petroleum Products Acid Automatic Tester, which provides fast and accurate measurement of acid value in various petroleum products. The machine features a high definition color touch screen monitor for ease of use. Test results can be clearly seen on the large screen, which also allows for simple menu navigation and parameter settings. This user-friendly interface streamlines the testing process.

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What Is A Petroleum Products Acid Automatic Tester?

A petroleum products acid automatic tester is an analytical instrument used to determine the acidity of various petroleum and petrochemical products. Acid value is an important parameter that reflects the quality and performance of products like gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricating oil and many other refined petroleum streams. Automatic testers provide fast, consistent and accurate measurement of acid value compared to traditional manual titration methods.

Key Features Of Petroleum Products Acid Automatic Testers

Some key benefits of ZHIWEI’s Petroleum Products Acid Automatic Tester include:

  • High precision from 0.001 to 1 mgKOH/g covers wide range of products
  • Tests up to 6 samples simultaneously for high throughput
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface for ease of use
  • Titration method gives fast, repeatable results
  • Thermal printer documents reports for records
  • Compact size saves lab space
  • Wide temperature range allows use in any facility

Applications Of Petroleum Products Acid Automatic Testers

Quality Control in Refineries:
Refineries use acid testers on a daily basis to monitor the quality of products leaving various processing units like catalytic crackers, reformers and treating units. Tight control of acidity helps ensure product specs are met. Testing crude oil shipments also verifies supplier quality.

Incoming/Outgoing Product Testing:
Testing of raw materials on receipt and final products prior to shipment allows refineries to guarantee product quality for customers meets contracts and regulations.

Process and Performance Monitoring:
Acid value trends provide insights for operators to detect issues in reactors or exchangers. This helps optimize processes and reduce production costs.

Research and Development:
R&D departments rely on automatic testers for developing new products and reformulation testing to improve quality specifications.

For facilities requiring efficient, accurate acid testing of petroleum products, ZHIWEI’s automatic tester provides a trusted solution. Backed by the factory’s expertise and quality commitment, it offers reliable measurement to support quality control initiatives at competitive pricing. Please contact with us immediately, then we will offer your more products information with wholesale pricelist.