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Why Consider Purchasing Electric Power Testing Equipment from China ?

Feb 29, 2024 | Industry News

Zhiwei Electric Power Technology Co.,Ltd

1. Technological innovation and research and development

China’s manufacturing industry has grown rapidly in recent years, and many companies have undertaken a great deal of technological innovation and research and development in the field of power testing equipment. Continuously improving their products and carrying out research with domestic and international partners ensures that their products are at the forefront of technology.

Instrumentation products of high-tech, will become the future development of instrumentation technology and industry mainstream. The world in the past 20 years, microelectronics technology, computer technology, precision machinery technology, high sealing technology, special processing technology, integrated technology, thin film technology, network technology, nanotechnology, laser technology, superconducting technology and biotechnology and other high-tech has developed rapidly. This background and situation, and constantly to the instrumentation put forward a higher, newer, more requirements, such as the requirements of faster, more sensitive, better stability, less sample size, detection of micro-damage or even non-destructive, remote sensing and telemetry more remote, more convenient to use, cheaper, non-polluting, etc., and at the same time also for the development of instrumentation science and technology and industry provides a powerful impetus, and has become the instrumentation for the further development of the It has become the material, knowledge and technical basis for the further development of instrumentation.


2. Quality control standards:

Many Chinese manufacturers implement strict quality control standards to ensure that their products meet international standards. Some companies also hold ISO certification, which indicates that their products meet international quality management standards.

3. Customization capabilities:

Chinese manufacturers are often able to provide customized power testing equipment to meet the requirements of specific industries and applications. Customers can improve efficiency and accuracy by working closely with manufacturers to customize products that meet their needs.

4. Cost-effectiveness:

China’s manufacturing industry has the advantage of economies of scale, and as a result, power testing equipment produced in China is usually less expensive and competitive. Without compromising the quality of the equipment, lower production costs can translate into more attractive prices, making Chinese-made power testing equipment more attractive to cost-sensitive customers.

5. Supply chain and lead time:

China has a well-established supply chain system that ensures an efficient production and delivery process. For customers who need equipment quickly, Chinese manufacturers are often able to offer shorter lead times to ensure timely delivery.

In summary, by considering sourcing power testing equipment made in China, customers can obtain advanced technology, quality assurance, customized services, cost-effectiveness and efficient supply chain support, which together motivate the selection of China’s power testing equipment as the first choice.

6. Type of testing equipment sold:

It refers to the equipment for experimental testing, verification, detection and acceptance of power production and grid operation, which provides a reliable guarantee for the safety and reliability of power operation.

Commonly used: including insulation test equipment; transformer test equipment; energy meter calibration device; transformer measurement supervision and testing equipment; grounding device testing equipment; relay protection test equipment; SF6 gas, oil analysis equipment; arrester test equipment; switch testing equipment; running line testing equipment; temperature measurement, distance products; motor testing equipment; infrared thermography; gas detection instruments; safety tools testing equipment equipment, etc.

Dielectric Loss Factor and DC Resistivity Tester for Insulating Oil

1 The application of advanced measurement principles and a high degree of digital technology, fully automatic completion of the temperature, temperature control, high-speed data sampling, computing, display, printing and storage processes;

2The oil cup adopts the three-electrode structure in accordance with the national standard GB/T5654-2007, and the distance between poles is 2mm, which can eliminate the influence of stray capacitance and leakage current on the results of dielectric loss test;

3 The instrument adopts medium frequency induction heating, the heating method has the advantages of non-contact between the oil cup and the heating body, uniform heating, fast speed, convenient control, etc., so that the temperature is strictly controlled within the preset temperature error.

4Contains a standard capacitor, the capacitance of the loss and capacity of the capacitor is not affected by the ambient temperature, humidity, etc., so that the accuracy of the instrument is still guaranteed after a long time of use.

5Large color touch screen, man-machine dialogue is convenient, the operation is concise and clear, at a glance.

6With open cover off high pressure, oil cup high and low voltage electrode short circuit and other warm tips to eliminate potential safety hazards, to ensure the personal safety of the operator and the normal operation of the equipment.

7) Comes with a real-time clock, test date and time can be saved, displayed and printed with the test results.

8) Automatic storage of measurement data, can store 100 groups of measurement data, thermal printing speed.

9)With empty electrode cup calibration function.

Ratio Group Intelligent Analysis System(TTR tester)

1. Full-automatic ratio measurement function, no need to set any parameters to automatically complete the three-phase ratio and group measurement, easy to operate, one press.

2. It can automatically measure three-phase and single-phase transformer ratios and calculate the ratio error.

3. Built-in three-phase signal source, can measure Y/y, Y/d, D/y, D/d, ZN/y, ZN/d, rectifier transformer, railroad transformer and other linkage groups of transformer ratio.

4. It can measure the labeling and polarity of transformer linkage group. And display the primary and secondary wiring vector diagram, intuitive and clear, the instrument comes with self-calibration function, according to the self-calibration results to identify the test line or instrument failure.

5. Automatic tracking of the transformer on-load tap-changer position and automatic indication of the current tap point.

6. Can display the transformer primary and secondary voltage waveform and phase relationship, can measure the transformer primary and secondary voltage harmonic harmonics, convenient to analyze the transformer fault.

7. Perfect and reliable automatic protection function ensures that the instrument is intact under various abnormal conditions.

8. Small size, light weight, accurate measurement, fast speed (about 3 seconds test completion).

9. All measurement results can be stored or printed, the instrument has a built-in 128M memory (expandable 4G memory card), the database can be exported to a USB flash drive or uploaded to a computer. The database supports excel spreadsheet opening mode, which is convenient for editing, printing or archiving.

10. Using 7 inch true color touch screen operation, emwinGUI interface, support Chinese character input, easy and convenient operation. No power down calendar, clock function, can store the test time at any time. Can support bluetooth or serial printer on-site printing records.

Variable Frequency Conversion High Voltage Withstand Hipot AC Resonance Test System


1、High stability and reliability. The system adopts imported power components as the core of power conversion, stable voltage output and frequency output, reasonable electromagnetic compatibility design, perfect protection function, after many high-voltage direct short-circuit to ground test, the system is still intact, and the system also has a strong overload capacity.

2、Automatic tuning is powerful. When the system is automatically tuned, the system automatically sweeps from 30Hz to 300Hz and displays the sweep curve, so that the user can visualize the system tuning process; after the sweep is completed, the system sweeps the resonance frequency according to the initial resonance frequency point found in the frequency sweep, and conducts a fine sweep of the frequency within the range of ±5Hz with a resolution of 0.01Hz, and finally locks the resonance frequency precisely.

3、Support a variety of test modes. The system supports “auto-tuning + manual voltage regulation”, “auto-tuning + automatic voltage regulation”, “manual tuning + manual voltage regulation” and other test modes, it is recommended to use the “auto-tuning + manual voltage regulation” mode, not only can quickly find the resonance point, but also through the manual voltage regulation to control the test process, security is higher!

4、The human-computer interaction interface of the system is friendly. Test parameter setting, test control, test results, etc. are displayed on the same screen, intuitive and clear, and has automatic timing and operation prompt function. Full touch-screen operation and display, with test data saving and query function.

5、Perfect protection function. With zero protection (voltage output control knob is not in the zero position, prohibit the system start), over-voltage protection, over-current protection, flash protection and other functions to ensure the reliability of the system

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