Cable Fault Locator

Not only ZHIWEI owns kinds of qualifications, such as GB, CE, Patent Certification, but we also provide quality testing equipment with factory wholesale price. Moreover, we always use high quality export packaging. We also use specialized hazard packing for dangerous goods and validated cold storage shippers for temperature sensitive items after an additional charge. Certainly, consider about OEM service, ZHIWEI is also proud to promote ourself. Please contact with us for more information of cable fault locator or other products.

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ZHIWEI Electric Power Technology is well-known Cable Fault Locator manufacturer and supplier. Meanwhile, we supply various types of testing equipment and instruments, such as oil-immersed, high-voltage, SF6 gas, and cable testing equipment. Additonally, we have been deeply involved in the power industry over more than 20 years experiences.

ZHIWEI Always Supplies Quality Cable Fault Locators

The Cable Fault Locator is a portable device that uses Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and impulse current techniques to accurately detect and locate faults on underground power cables.

Best underground cable fault locator are susceptible to faults from physical abrasion, water intrusion, tree roots, and deterioration over time. However, locating cable faults can be challenging without the right equipment. A cable fault locator uses time domain reflectometry (TDR) and other advanced testing techniques to pinpoint issues.

Key Features Of ZHIWEI Cable Fault Locator

Below are our products features, and fffectively reflects the advantages of our cable fault locator.

  • High pulse amplitude of 150Vp-p for effective fault detection over long electrical cable fault detector distances
  • Dynamic range over 80dB allows tracing cable runs through joint boxes
  • Large 12.1-inch screen displays test waveforms and fault locations clearly
  • Onboard data storage of 32GB keeps inspection records of thousands of tests
  • Rugged design weighing just 9.9kg for handling extensive outdoor use
  • Specific built-in long-life battery ensures full-day operation without external power
  • Works from -10°C to +45°C and withstands 90% relative humidity