ZHIWEI is leading China HV test equipment manufacturer and supplier. Meanwhile, we already own GB, CE and Patent Certifications and also export HV test transformers to oversea market.

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HV Test Transformers By ZHIWEI Supplier

To effectively test the dielectric properties of high voltage electrical equipment, specialized HV testing kit are required. As a critical component of insulation testing setups, certain characteristics must be considered when selecting a test transformer.

What is an HV Test Transformer?

An HV test transformer is a type of isolation transformer designed to generate and supply precise high voltages needed for insulation testing. They provide galvanic isolation between the equipment under test and live mains power.

ZHIWEI HV Test Transformer Functional Characteristics:

  • Voltage Regulation – Look for stable regulation under 5% no-load to full-load to prevent erratic test voltages from fluctuating.
  • Overload Capacity – Quality units allow brief overloads up to 150% for flashing over without damage. This withstands inrush currents.
  • Low Impedance – 12% or less ensures adequate test current flows through the equipment to activate any insulation weaknesses.
  • Cooling – Oil immersed or dry type construction maintains proper winding temperatures within safety limits.
  • Portability – Compact wheeled models transport easily to test sites versus large floor standing units.

ZHIWEI Factory Win Market THrough Their Effort Sustainably

  • We take immense pride in catering to the unique needs of national power grids, railways, power research institutes, water conservancy authorities, chemical industry pioneers, power plants, power installation companies, transformer factories, and electrical companies.
  • Our extensive product line encompasses a wide array of hv testing equipment. ZHIWEI products list is from oil-immersed equipment to high-voltage devices, SF6 gas analyzers, and cable testing equipment.
  • We understand the importance of safeguarding our valuable products during transit. That’s why we take great care in utilizing high-quality export packaging to protect our equipment.