Definition Of DC Hipot Tester

As electrical and electronic equipment becomes more sophisticated, insulation testing grows ever more crucial. A quality DC Hipot tester efficiently assesses dielectric strength to help ensure safety and reliability.

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Output Stability

Look for hipot test equipment utilizing PWM voltage regulation and current feedback loops providing exceptionally low ripple output (±1%). Stable voltages prevent erratic results from fluctuations.

Direct Voltage Readout

Some testers incorporate onboard voltmeters that directly display output voltage without need for secondary dividers. This simplifies setup versus additional equipment and connections.

Overload Capacity

A protective design permits brief voltage overruns up to 10% beyond rating for special high potential applications like gas-insulated switchgear. This withstands in-rush currents.

0.75U Test Function

A one-touch button applying 75% rated voltage streamlines standardized insulation tests for components like ZnO arrestors per IEC standards.

High Resolution

Digital readouts down to 0.1kV and 1uA capture small variations important to precise assessments. Analogue gauges lack this granularity.

Easy Operation

Ergonomic interfaces via capacitive touch or membrane keypads operate intuitively with minimum training versus complex multipurpose units.

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