What Is Contact Resistance Tester?

A contact resistance tester is an instrument used to precisely measure the electrical resistance of electrical connections or contacts.

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ZHIWEI Contact Resistance Testers With Outstanding Features

They operate by forcing a large current through the connection being tested and measuring the resulting voltage drop. Resistance is calculated using Ohm’s Law.

High precision models use techniques like dual-channel sampling and digital signal processing to achieve ultra-high resolution down to 0.01μΩ or less.

Contact resistance values provide insight into the quality of connections and potential corrosion/overheating issues.

Large continuous current output cap

abilities stress test connections to detect weak points before failure.

Applications include resistance tester electrical contacts, relay contacts, busbar joints, cable terminations and more.

Choosing an instrument with high accuracy, large current output, data logging and a user-friendly interface allows reliable low-resistance measurements essential for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Leading China Contact Resistance Tester Manufacturer And Supplier

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