Precison Circuit Breaker Analyzers Only Supplied By ZHIWEI

As critical protection equipment, circuit breakers demand regular life-testing to ensure reliable performance. An automated circuit breaker analyzer streamlines comprehensive on-site assessments.

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Key Capabilities When Choosing A Model

ZHIWEI always ensure quality of Circuit Breaker Analyzer, and special key capabilities show below:

Large Colour Display

A high-resolution 7-inch or larger screen presents circuit breaker testing equipment data and parameters clearly even in bright outdoor conditions. Touch controls simplify navigation.

Robust Construction

Rugged heavy-duty casings withstand bumps and weather exposure during substation use. Sealed components protect against dust and moisture for enduring field use.

Contact Measurement

Look for testers able to measure all critical contact parameters like speed, time, resistance and wear simultaneously across main and auxiliary circuits for a complete health checkup.

Data Storage

Onboard memory retains test histories of 100 sets or more complete with timestamp data. This facilitates long-term recordkeeping and trend analysis.

Independent Power Source

Self-contained high capacity power packs obviate finding external power points at test sites, reducing setup times.

Accuracy and Repeatability

Units calibrated to ISO17025 assure reliable, consistent measurements compliant with manufacturer and utility standards batch to batch.

ZHIWEI has been deeply involved in the power industry for more than 20 years. The company’s main customer base includes national power grids, railways, power research institutes, water conservancy, chemical industry, power plants, power installation companies. Addtionally, ZHIWEI as leading circuit breaker trip testing equipment factory in China, now owned GB, CE and Patent Certifications. So we export quality to oversea market.