ZHIWEI is a leading turns ratio tester (TTR) factory in China. The company mainly produces and sells various types of testing equipment and instruments, such as oil-immersed, high-voltage, SF6 gas, cable testing equipment, turn ratio tester(TTR), etc. Additionally, GB, CE and patent certificates already have been owned by us since we involved in this industry over 2 decades. As hot sale products, Turn Ratio Testers (TTR) already have exported to worldwide.

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ZHIWEWI Wholesale Quality Turn Ratio Tester(TTR) With Factory Price

Whether testing power, distribution or instrument transformers in R&D, production or maintenance, measuring turn ratios accurately is essential. Meanwhile, an automated transformer turns ratio test kit streamlines the process while delivering highly repeatable results.

ZHIWEI, manufacturer committed to accuracy upgrades may ensure reliable measurements support high quality standards over the long run. Addtionally, precise turn testing maintains safety and performance lifetime.

ZHIWEI Turn Ratio Tester(TTR) With Many Key Characteristics

High Resolution Display:

Look for testers with color LCD screens no less than 65k pixels so test parameters and measurements show in clear detail down to 0.0001 resolution. Backlit screens read easily in any lighting.

English Software Interface:

Menus and prompts labelled in English simplify operation without translations. Touch inputs move testing along quickly without manuals on hand.

Automatic Or Manual Modes:

Having both options allows flexibility. Automatic runs preset voltage and frequency tests unattended while manual mode suits custom non-standard needs.

Three-phase Voltage Supply:

A three-phase output shortens test times versus single phase by testing all phases simultaneously. It also identifies interphase wiring for configurations like delta and wye.

Overvoltage Protection:

Cut-off circuits protect sensitive transformer windings from harm due to incorrectly connected test leads or high leakage currents under test. This safeguards expensive transformer assets.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Wireless operation from a phone or tablet removes transformer turns ratio test kit from harm’s way in energized substations and allows remote witnesses. Integrated SD data storage maintains records electronically.