ZHIWEI as well-known CT PT Analyzer manufacturer and supplier in China. Meanwhile, we supply precision CT PT analyzers to oversea market with related certifications, such as GB, CE and Patent certification. Additionally, We also use specialized hazard and exported packing for dangerous goods and validated cold storage shippers for temperature sensitive items after an additional charge.

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ZHIWEI CT PT Analyzer For Complete Transformer Testing

A CT PT analyzer is a device used to test current and voltage transformers in electrical systems. Meanwhile, A transformer used to reduce high amperage currents to safer, measurable levels for meters and relays. In additon, Transforms high voltage levels down to safer secondary voltages that can be metered or used by protection relays.

Compliance with Standards

Look for a ct analyzer megger validated to standards like IEC60044, IEC60044-6 or GB1208 to ensure test procedures meet industry requirements. This assures accurate, reproducible results admissible in reports.

Wide Ratio Range

A ct ratio test measurement range covering 1-40,000 adequately covers most distribution and substation class transformers commonly encountered. Higher ratios future-proof the investment.

Automatic Parameter Calculation

Models that deduce parameters like knee point voltage, burden, inductance and accuracy limitation factors directly from test data save time interpreting results versus manual derivation.

Full Feature Testing

Besides ratio, polarity,burden and resistance tests, advanced functions evaluate excitation characteristics, saturation limits and remanence—important diagnostic metrics.

User-Friendly Interface

Simple operation guided by an intuitive touchscreen or keypad interface expedites testing versus complicated software. Multilingual support aids global use.

Rugged Construction

Sealed components protect against moisture, dust and vibration in outdoor substation environments. Over-moulded cases withstand occasional knocks or drops on-site.