With 20 years experences during power industry, ZHIWEI already become a reputed Karl Fischer Titrator factory in China. Meanwhile, we produce and supply Karl Fischer Titrator with factory prices. As leading testing equipment supplier in China, ZHIWEI also provides quality management system certificate GB, CE, Patent certification. Our main products such as Coulomb Karl Fischer Trace Moisture Titrator is important testing equipment to oversea market, you may comprehend below:

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ZHIWEI Coulomb Karl Fischer Trace Moisture Titrator

Karl fischer moisture analyzer is a coulomb titration instrument. It determines moisture and water content in solid, liquid or gas samples. Additionally, it can detect moisture levels as low as 0.001%.

The Coulomb Karl Fischer Trace Moisture Titrator incorporates Cutting-edge Features & Functions

32-bit Embedded Microcontroller Processor:
At the heart of this titrator lies a powerful 32-bit embedded microcontroller processor, acting as the master control core. This advanced processor ensures precise and consistent measurements, allowing for reliable and repeatable results. With its computational prowess, it enhances the overall performance of the coulometric titrator, providing accurate analysis of trace moisture levels.

Color Touch Screen and Full Digital Keyboard:
Navigating through the titrator’s functions and settings is a breeze, thanks to the color touch screen and full digital keyboard. The touch screen interface offers intuitive operation, allowing users to easily input parameters and access desired functions. The full digital keyboard further enhances convenience, enabling efficient data entry and calculation. Together, these features streamline the titration process. At the same time, it saves time and eliminates manual errors.

ZHIWEI Have Cooperated With Many Customers

Its primary customers include national utilities that operate power transmission and distribution infrastructure, large industrial plants across various industries like chemicals and water treatment, electricity generators like power plants, as well as companies involved in the design, manufacturing and installation of electrical testing equipment.