ZHIWEI Earth Resistance Testers With Many Advantages Below

An all-in-one multi-function Earth Resistance Tester improves safety and reliability verification productivity via faster comprehensive ground assessments anywhere needed.

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ZHIWEI is leading earth resistance meter manufacturer and supplier. And has decades of experience serving the power industry. For over 20 years, the company has supported national power grids, railways, power research institutes, water resource management organizations, chemical facilities, power plants, and electrical installation contractors. A long-time leader in the sector.

Multiple Functionality As Customized For Customers

Look for an all-in-one unit digital earth resistance tester, loop impedance, equipotential bonding and soil resistivity through 2, 3 or 4-wire connection methods.

Automatic Ranging

Some models automatically range measurements from milliohms to kiloohms without manual scale adjustment, saving time during ground earth resistance tester of varied systems.

High Sampling Speed

Rapid 7 readings per second or faster update rates speed on-site testing versus slower meters that slow inspections.

Long Battery Life

Capacitive power through efficient design keeps units running up to 10 hours on a charge, minimizing downtime due to recharging.


Small size and lightweight construction with integrated carrying case facilitate one-person field use nearly anywhere quickly and easily.

Robust Design

Sealed components withstand wet conditions and occasional bumps for dependable operation under rough field conditions.

Data Logging and Reporting

Documenting results streamlines recordkeeping and compliance. Units transferring to PCs via Bluetooth eliminate transcription errors.