ZHIWEI is reputed China Gas Chromatography Analyzer(DGA) manufacturer and supplier. At the same time with over 2 decades experiences.Our primary customers include national utilities that operate power transmission and distribution infrastructure, large industrial plants across various industries like chemicals and water treatment, electricity generators like power plants, as well as companies involved in the design, manufacturing and installation of electrical testing equipment.

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ZHIWEI Produces Quality Gas Chromatography Analyzer(DGA)

Gas Chromatography is a powerful analytical technique used to separate and analyze complex mixtures of gases. The transformer dga analysis (DGA) is a cutting-edge instrument that takes this technique to new heights. ZHIWEI DGA with many advantages below:

Design of 3 Independent Connection Process:

The Gas Chromatography Analyzer is designed with three independent connection processes. This feature enhances efficiency and productivity in the laboratory, enabling the analysis of different samples without the need for time-consuming instrument reconfiguration.

Network Edition Workstation:

Equipped with a network edition workstation, the Gas Chromatography Analyzer has the capability to support multiple chromatograph work simultaneously, up to an impressive 253 units. With the network edition workstation, you can efficiently manage and monitor multiple Gas Chromatography Analyzer units

5.7 Inch Color LCD Screen:

The Gas Chromatography Analyzer features a user-friendly 5.7-inch color LCD screen. This screen allows for easy navigation through the instrument’s various functions and parameters.

Excellent Specifications For ZHIWEI DGA

The dga oil test offers precise temperature control within a wide range of 8 to 450°C above room temperature. This temperature range allows for the efficient separation and analysis of a broad spectrum of compounds.

The rate of range rise parameter in the Gas Chromatography Analyzer refers to the speed at which the temperature increases during the analysis. This parameter can be adjusted based on the specific requirements of your analysis.

Filling Column Injection, Capillary Injection, Six-Way Valve Gas Injection
The Gas Chromatography Analyzer is equipped with various types of injectors to accommodate different sample introduction methods.

The Gas Chromatography Analyzer is equipped with an Ethernet communication interface, specifically IEEE802.3. This interface enables seamless connectivity and data transfer between the analyzer and other devices or networks.