transformer turns ratio test set
automatic transformer tester
current transformer polarity test

Pre-sales service:
1.Provide detailed product technical information, product specifications for customer reference.
2.To provide users with the actual use of the recommended products and configuration, to ensure that users buy practical, cost-effective products.
3.Welcome customers to visit the office of Zhiwei Power, and strive to provide a variety of convenient conditions.
In-sale service:
1.At any time to answer questions for customers, to assist users to sign contracts, and strictly abide by the provisions of the contract law, to ensure that the quantity of products for customers.
2.Take the initiative to communicate with customers, choose the appropriate mode of transportation, to ensure that the products are timely delivered to the hands of users.
After-sales service:
1. Timely arrange after-sales personnel to carry out technical training and guidance to users on the scene, introduce the system functions, operation methods and product maintenance in detail, and ensure that the faulty products are repaired in a short time.
2.In the process of product use, our company’s after-sales personnel will track and understand the user’s use of the product in a timely manner, and establish user information feedback files.
3.Regular phone visits to users, for users to avoid worries.