High Voltage Test Set

ZHIWEI Electric Power Technology, a leading High voltage tester manufacturer in China. In meantime, we mainly produces and sells various types of testing equipment and instruments. Now, we list as reference: oil-immersed, high-voltage, SF6 gas, and cable testing equipment, etc. Proudly, ZHIWEI has been deeply involved in the power industry for more than 20 years. The company’s main customer base includes national power grids, railways, power research institutes, water conservancy, chemical industry, power plants, power installation companies.

High Voltage Test Set As important Equipment Used In Electrical Engineering

High voltage testers are important equipment used in electrical engineering and testing laboratories. And also it is used to evaluate the dielectric strength and insulation integrity of electrical components, systems and materials. Meanwhile, these test units generate high voltage levels to simulate real-world conditions and identify potential weaknesses or faults in electrical insulation.

As Recommandation Of Equipment From ZHIWEI

VLF Hipot Tester:

The VLF Hipot Tester with its advanced features and specifications offers a comprehensive solution for testing the integrity of high voltage insulation systems. Its multi-frequency selection, humidity control, user-friendly interface, and data storage capabilities make it an essential tool for electrical testing professionals.

  • Multi-frequency Selection: The VLF Hipot Tester offers multi-frequency selection, allowing users to choose between 0.1 Hz, 0.05 Hz, and 0.02 Hz.
  • Humidity Control: The tester operates within a humidity range of ≤ 85% RH, ensuring reliable testing even in challenging environmental conditions.
  • 8-inch Industrial Touch Screen: Equipped with an 8-inch industrial touch screen, the VLF Hipot Tester provides a user-friendly interface for easy operation and navigation.
  • Compact and portable design: For convenient transportation and setup, we adopt compact and portable design.
  • High voltage output: High voltage output is up to several kilovolts to meet various testing requirements.

DC Hipot Tester:

The DC Hipot Tester with its advanced features and specifications provides a robust solution for testing the dielectric strength and insulation integrity of electrical systems. Its high frequency PWM technology, precise output control, interval working manner, and altitude compatibility make it an indispensable tool for quality control professionals.

  • High Frequency PWM Technology: The DC Hipot Tester employs high frequency Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology, enabling closed adjustment with exceptional high voltage stability.
  • Output Polarity and Adjustment: The tester offers negative polarity output with a no-voltage start feature.
  • Working Manner:It can withstand up to 30 minutes under rated load, making it suitable for extended testing sessions.
  • Altitude Compatibility: The tester can be used at altitudes lower than 3000 meters, catering to a wide range of testing environments.
  • User-friendly interface: The instrument adopts User-friendly interface for convenient operation and monitoring.

HV Test Transformer:

The HV Test Transformer with its exceptional specifications and features provides a reliable solution for generating high voltage levels in electrical testing applications. Its wide voltage and current ranges, efficient temperature control, and safety mechanisms make it an indispensable tool for engineers and technicians.

  • Temperature Rise Control: The transformer testing equipment maintains a temperature rise of ≤ 10℃ within 30 minutes of operation.
  • High Voltage Current Range: The HV Test Transformer offers a wide range of high voltage current, from 60 mA to 1500 mA.
  • High Voltage Range: The transformer generates high voltage levels ranging from 50 kV to 200 kV, catering to a diverse range of testing requirements.