Power Quality Analyzer

ZHIWEI as leading Power Quality Analyzer manufacturer in China, has decades of experience serving the global power industry. As one of China's foremost suppliers of power quality analyzers for over 20 years. Additionally, ZHIWEI maintains rigorous quality certifications including GB, CE, and patents.

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Power quality analysis plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of electrical systems. So, one essential tool for accurate power quality assessment is the Power Quality Analyzer.

A power quality analyzer is a precision monitoring instrument used to analyze the quality and reliability of electric power meter.It measures and records various power parameters to detect disturbances, anomalies and out-of-range events.

It constantly monitors key metrics such as voltage, current, frequency, harmonics, transients and power factor across one or multiple phases of an electrical system.

ZHIWEI Provides Key Specifications and Features For Power Quality Analyzers

  • Wide Measuring Range: The Contact Resistance Tester offers a wide measuring range of 0 to 2999.9 μΩ, catering to various testing requirements.
  • Test Current: The tester provides two fixed output levels for test current for both of DC 50A and DC 100A.
  • Machine Power: With a machine power of 600W, the contact resistance tester delivers reliable and consistent performance during testing.
  • Communication Method: The power transformer testing supports data transfer via U disk, facilitating easy retrieval and analysis of test results.

Wide Range Of Applications For ZHIWEI Power Quality Analyzer

Commissioning and Maintenance of Power Distribution Substations:

  • Perform inspections, calibrations and three phase power quality analyzer during substation start-up to ensure safe and proper operation
  • Conduct routine and preventative maintenance checks on transformers, breakers, switches and other critical equipment to maximize uptime

Testing of High Voltage Switchgear Components:

  • Evaluate switches, disconnects, circuit breakers and other live front components to certify proper operation and insulation integrity
  • Identify wear issues, potential failures and maintenance needs through functional and mechanical assessments