As leading oil particle counter factory in China, ZHIWEI provides quality management system certificate GB, CE, Patent certification. Additionally, We always use high quality export packaging and specialized hazard packing for dangerous goods and validated cold storage shippers for temperature sensitive items after an additional charge. Aming to surge arrester counter equipment, we are pleasure to let customers know more:

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What Is Oil Particle Counter?

  • Measuring particulate contamination levels in lubricating oils is crucial for maintaining machinery performance and avoiding costly breakdowns.
  • An lightning arrester counter provides an accurate means for quality control testing across many industrial applications.

List Many Features Of ZHIWEI Oil Particle Counters

Touchscreen Operation for Ease of Use:
A user-friendly touchscreen interface simplifies navigation versus confusing button configurations. Look for at least a 1.7-inch display with adjustable brightness for readability in varied lighting.

RS232 Interface Connects to Computers:
Integration with laboratory software expedites reporting and recordkeeping of test results. Opt for an RS232 port enabling connection to PCs or programmable logic controllers for automated data handling.

Built-in Battery Powers Field Use:
When portability is essential for on-site machinery inspections, a rechargeable lithium battery sustains operation away from wall power. Field testing satisfies regulatory compliance and troubleshooting needs.

Customizable Reporting:
Advanced units offer customizable user signature logs, multi-language menu options, and Windows tablet control for convenient data recording and export capabilities directly from the instrument.

1000+ Particle Size Channels:
Higher channel resolution between 0.5-100 microns provides finely-tuned particle size distribution analysis to pinpoint contamination sources. Fewer channels may miss valuable detail.