ZHIWEI has involved in testing equipment for over 2 decades. Meawhile, we have gained GB, CE and Patent Certifications for related products Secondary Current Injection Test Set, etc. As leading Secondary Current Injection Test Set manufacturer and supplier, we ensure to provide quality equipment with wholesale price.

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ZHIWEI Secondary Current Injection Test Set

A secondary injection test kit is a type of relay protection test set used for testing protective relaying devices like distance relays, directional relays, differential relays and overcurrent relays by injecting current signals into the secondary circuits of current transformers (CTs).

Excellent Key Advantages Of ZHIWEI Secondary Current Injection Test Set

It generates three-phase AC current signals and DC offset current signals that are similar to those expected from current transformers during different types of faults.

These current signals are injected into the secondary side of CTs to simulate primary system faults/events without actually causing them. This allows testing and calibration of protection relays under controlled conditions.

Current injection test equipment can also generate three-phase AC voltage signals and DC offset voltages for injecting into voltage transformer (VT) secondary circuits to test voltage-based protective functions.

Components include a digital signal processor for signal generation, voltage/current amplifiers, filters and an auxiliary DC power supply.

Parameters include adjustable output current and voltage levels, output power ratings, frequency range, precision, etc. tailored for different relay ratings.

Provides an effective method for protection relay testing, calibrating, and verifying the performance of protection schemes in substations non-intrusively.

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