ZHIWEI is reputed China DC resistance tester manufacturer and supplier. At the same time we have owned donestic certificates and global qualification. For instances, GB, CE and patent certification, etc. Meanwhile, we also use high quality export packaging and specialized hazard packing for dangerous goods. DC resistance testers by ZHIWEI export to oversea market through many cooperation partners.

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Precision DC Resistance Testers Made By ZHIWEI Factory In China

A dc winding resistance test is an instrument used to measure the electrical resistance of cables, wires and other conducting materials using direct current (DC). They operate by sending a precise DC current through the object being tested and measuring the resultant voltage drop. Resistance is then calculated using Ohm’s Law (Resistance = Voltage / Current).

Automatic Current Selection

Look for models that intelligently choose the optimal dc load test equipment current based on perceived resistance, within equipment current limits. This protects cables against harm from excess current.

Data Storage and Printout

Memory to save test parameter histories and printed reports document measurements for certification and trend analysis. Storage capacities of 500 sets or more future-proof the investment.

Audio Discharge Indication

A beeping alarm during discharge cycle reduces error-prone manual timing. Clear signals avoid potential shock by verifying cable discharge before contact.

Simultaneous 3-Channel Measurement

Testing multiple cores at once slashes time versus single channel testers. Phase identification detects miswiring to save troubleshooting effort.

High Resolution and Range

Capability down to 0.1μΩ resolution detects small variations, while 0-100Ω range covers most cable applications from MV to household.

Dust and Water Resistance

Ruggedized enclosures and keypads withstand installation environments from arid worksites to substations. Sealed components protect against moisture or particles.