ZHIWEI Electric Power Technology has been deeply involved in the power industry for over 2 decades. Additionally, ZHIWEI is leading Oil BDV Tester manufacturer and supplier in China. Meanwhile, we mainly produces and sells various types of testing equipment and instruments, such as oil-immersed, high-voltage, SF6 gas, and cable testing equipment, oil BDV testers, etc.

ZHIWEI Provides Oil BDV Testers

The Breakdown Voltage (BDV) test is conducted to evaluate the bdv test of transformer oil Dielectric strength refers to an insulating material’s ability to resist electric fields and withstand the breakdown of its molecular structure when exposed to high voltage.

This important test measures the maximum voltage that can be applied to transformer oil between two electrodes before it begins to conduct electricity.

The Oil BDV Testers By ZHIWEI Boasts Exceptional Parameters

Booster Capacity – 1.5kVA:
Equipped with a robust 1.5kVA booster capacity, this tester delivers a surge of power to accurately measure the breakdown voltage of insulating oils.

Boost Speed – 0.5kV/s to 5.0kV/s (Adjustable):
The boost speed of the dielectric breakdown testing is a crucial aspect that can be adjusted based on specific testing requirements. With a range of 0.5kV/s to 5.0kV/s, this tester offers flexibility to cater to a variety of oil types and testing scenarios.

Standing Time – 15 Minutes (Adjustable):
The standing time parameter allows for the assessment of the oil’s dielectric strength under specific conditions. With the Oil BDV Tester, you have the ability to adjust the standing time to ensure accurate measurements.

Power Consumption – <200W:
Efficiency is at the core of the Oil BDV Tester’s design. With a power consumption of less than 200W, this tester minimizes energy usage without compromising its powerful performance.This not only reduces operational costs, but also promotes eco-consciousness

Relative Humidity – ≤75% RH:
Maintaining the right environmental conditions is crucial for precise testing. The Oil BDV Tester is designed to operate effectively in environments with a relative humidity of up to 75% RH.

ZHIWEI Testers Always Own Word Of Mouth

As China’s reputed power quality analyzer supplier, ZHIWEI provides quality management system certificates GB, CE, and patent certification.

We always use high quality export packaging. Addtionally, we also use specialized hazardous packaging for dangerous goods and, for an additional fee, use a verified refrigerated shipper for temperature-sensitive items.