ZHIWEI Electric Power Technology do the business in the power industry for more than 2 decades. Additionally, GB, CE, Patent certification we owned already help us to cooperate with more foreign customers. As leading oil tan delta testers manufacturer and supplier in China, ZHIWEI provides featured Oil Tan Delta Tester with wholesale prices.

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Oil Tan Delta Tester Made By ZHIWEI

1. Test Temperature Range: Room Temp~125℃

The Oil Tan Delta Tester is engineered to handle a wide range of testing temperatures, from room temperature to 125℃. This versatility allows for comprehensive testing under various operating conditions.

2. Measurement Accuracy: ±(Indicating Value×0.5%+0.0001)

Precision is paramount in insulation testing, and the Oil Tan Delta Tester delivers exceptional measurement accuracy to meet the highest standards. With an accuracy of ±(indicating value×0.5%+0.0001), this testing device ensures that you obtain precise and reliable results.

3. Resistivity Resolution: 0.001MΩ·m

The tan delta test of transformer boasts an impressive resistivity resolution of 0.001MΩ·m, so it allows for highly sensitive and accurate measurements of the insulating oil’s resistivity. This level of resolution enables you to detect even subtle changes in the oil’s resistive properties.

4. Relative Humidity: ≤75%RH

Maintaining the right testing environment is crucial for accurate and consistent results. The Oil Tan Delta Tester is designed to operate effectively in relative humidity conditions of up to 75%RH. Proudly, this feature allows for reliable testing in various environmental conditions.

ZHIWEI Oil Tan Delta Tester With Advanced Heating Technology

The transformer loss tester incorporates advanced heating technology, utilizing medium frequency induction heating for uniform and rapid heating of the electrode cup. This ensures that the insulating oil reaches the desired test temperature quickly and evenly, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the testing process. With this innovative heating technology, you can trust that your test results are based on accurate and consistent temperature conditions.

ZHIWEI Customizable Testing For Oversea Customers

Every testing scenario is unique, and the Oil Tan Delta Tester recognizes this by offering both standardized tests and customizable modes. This flexibility allows users to tailor the testing parameters to their specific requirements, ensuring convenience and compatibility with their unique applications. Whether you need to perform standard tests or require a specialized testing approach, the tan delta cable test empowers you to achieve the desired results.