Oil Testing Equipment

As leading China Oil testing equipment manufacturer and supplier, ZHIWEI Electric Power Technology mainly produces and supplies quality testing equipment, such as oil-immersed, high-voltage, SF6 gas, and cable testing equipment.

Main Oil Testing Equipment To Oversea Market

Meanwhile, oil testing equipment are our one of the most important products. We list related instruments below:

  • Oil BDV tester
  • Oil tan delta tester
  • Gas chromatography analyzer(DGA)
  • Oil particle counter
  • Oil flash point tester
  • Karl fischer titrator

Overivew About Oil Testing Equipment By ZHIWEI

As we listed above, oil testing equipment includes a variety of instruments and equipment. And also these instruments are used to evaluate electrical equipment (such as transformers, circuit breakers, and other high-voltage equipment). During this period, the main purpose is to evaluate the quality, condition and performance of the insulating oil used. These oils act as electrical insulators and coolants, ensuring safe and efficient operation of electrical systems.

Functions Of Oil Testing Equipment

Dielectric Strength Test – For this test, customers can refer to our product as Oil BDV Tester. Specifically, it is a measure of the insulating oil’s ability to withstand electrical stress without breakdown.

Particle Counting – We use equipment to measure the size and number of suspended particles in insulating oil. Correctly, this indicates its contamination or degradation. As reputed oil testing equipment factory, we proudly recommand specifc instrument as Oil particle counter.

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) – Analysis of dissolved gases present in insulating oil. This testing identifies potential faults or degradation within electrical equipment. If customers are interested in this equipment, then Gas chromatography analyzer(DGA) will be your best choice.

Flash point testing equipment – Used to determine the flash point of insulating oil, which is the temperature at which the oil releases flammable vapor. Additionally, flash point is a key parameter in evaluating the fire safety and operating characteristics of insulating oils. Hereby, ZHIWEI provides quality oil flash point tester in bulk with factory price.

Karl Fischer Titrator – Specially introduce about karl fischer titration method. Referring to this method, we must consider to use karl fischer titrators. It is a laboratory instrument used for the determination of moisture content in various substances. Meanwhile, oils are impoortant substances that we use this equipment.

Benefits Of Oil Testing Equipment

There are many benefits to using oil testing equipment:

  • Predictive maintenance: Early detection of potential problems in insulating oil. And simultaneously allows timely maintenance and prevents unexpected equipment failures.
  • Save money: Proactive maintenance reduces the need for expensive electrical equipment repairs and replacements.
  • Enhanced safety: Regular oil testing minimizes the risk of electrical accidents and fires caused by insulating oil failure.
  • Reliability improvements: Ensure consistent performance and reliability of electrical systems.
  • Environmental sustainability: Extends the service life of insulating oils. And it can reduce the impact of frequent oil changes on the environment.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Not only does oil testing meet the above benefits, but it also complies with industry standards and regulations related to electrical equipment maintenance and safety.

ZHIWEI Electric Power Technology Offer Best Services

There are many other instruments within the category of oil testing equipment, except the devices we provide on website. For instances, Acid Number Tester, Pour Point Tester, Portable Oil Test Kits, Oil Centrifuge, Oil Sampling Valves, etc. For oversea customers, please do not hesitate to contact with us if you don’t find any equipment of oil testing you need in our website.