Insulation/Earth Resistance Tester

ZHIWWEI is leading insulation earth resistance tester manufacturer in China.Through 2 decades experiences during this industry, now we have owned Quality Management System Certificate GB, CE, Patent Certification, etc. Addtionally, ZHIWEI's main customer base includes national power grids, railways, power research institutes, water conservancy, chemical industry, power plants, power installation companies, transformer factories, electrical companies. There are main earth resistance testers to recommend, one is Earth Resistance Tester With Clamp, another one is Insulation Resistance Tester ZW Series.

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Features Benefits Of Clamp-Type Earth Resistance Tester

In the field of electrical testing and maintenance, the clamp-type earth resistance tester with a clamp size of 65mm×32mm has become an essential tool. Now the most of our foreign customers purchase this model from us.

I.Enhanced Measurement Capabilities:

By securely clamping onto the grounding conductor, this tester can accurately measure the resistance of the earth connection, even in challenging or inaccessible locations.

The clamp-type earth resistance tester has obtained a measuring instrument type approval certificate (2016E119-44).This certification ensures the accuracy and reliability of the tester

II. Sound And Light Alarm Function:

The clamp-type earth resistance tester is equipped with a sound and light alarm function. This feature alerts the user in real-time when a ground fault is detected.

III. Data Storage And Retention:

The clamp-type earth resistance tester offers data storage capabilities. The tester also includes a data retention function, ensuring that measurement results are preserved even after the device is powered off.

Benefits Of Insulation Resistance Tester

I. Automatic Display Of PI and DAR:

The insulation resistance tester automatically displays the polarization index (PI) value. PI is a ratio of insulation resistance measured at different time intervals, typically 10 minutes and 1 minute.

II. Leakage Current And Capacitance Testing:

The insulation resistance tester is capable of measuring leakage current. Leakage current refers to the small amount of current that flows through the insulation material. The insulation resistance tester has a capacitance test range of 20uF. This enables the measurement of capacitance in electrical systems.

III. Digital Filtering Functions:

The dielectric insulation test is equipped with digital filtering functions. These functions help mitigate deviations caused by external influences

The filter function in the tester allows for the reduction of noise or interference that may affect the measured values. This helps improve the precision and stability of the test results.

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