ZWVA1000 Transformer Volt Ampere Characteristic Tester

  • Full automatic test instrument
  • Full function
  • Single power supply, easy to operate
  • With large 8 inch color touch screen LCD

Company Profile

The company specializes in the research anddevelopment, production, sales, and service of electric power systemautomation testing equipment, providing customers with one-stopservices.

Product Introduction

The device is a new generation of innovative CT, PT test instrument which is launched market after a lot of market research and through the identification of strict professional testing and certification authorities. Device adopts high performance process or and microcomputer control architecture, the advanced manufacturing technology ,which ensure the stable and reliable product performance, complete functions, high degree of automation, high testing efficiency. It is in leading level in the domestic and the professional testing equipment of relay protection and high voltage insulation industry to test the current transformer and voltage transformer. Transformer volt ampere characteristics comprehensive test instrument is a fully automated PT, CT testing instrument, the instrument can accomplish test which include CT & PT volt ampere characteristic of test, CT& PT polar polarity test, CT & PT ratio and polarity ratio and polarity test, automatic calculation of arbitrary point CT error curve, CT/PT ratio than the poor results of parameters. The instrument can automatically collect, analyze, store and print the test data, and it can also be stored by the U disk. In addition, the monitor uses 8 inch color large screen, high resolution 800*600, full touch operation, real-time display test curve, observe test case immediately, so that the test personnel to judge the failure of the test. Test report not only tell the fine test curve, but also listed test data in accordance with the arrangement of the preferred number, and indicate the test time and print time, so can be used as the original test data. This product is suitable for the field test and calibration of all kinds of CT and PT because of its large output capacity and full function.

Functional Characteristics

1. Full automatic test instrument
Simply set the highest output voltage and the maximum output current, the instrument can start from zero to automatically boost or rise for a variety of tests. The test data, the curve of the volt ampere characteristic curve, the 10% and the 5% error curve are recorded automatically, and the turning point value is calculated automatically. Eliminating manual voltage regulator, manual record sorting,tracing curves and so on cumbersome step , greatly improves the efficiency of the test. The test results can be stored in the computer, can print on spot and after printing, can also use U disk copy to computer printing processing. The operation is fast, simple, convenient and easy to grasp.

2. Full function
The functions provided by the device are as follows:

CT test: Volt ampere characteristic curve
Automatic calculation of curve inflection point
5% and 10% error curve
Ratio and polarity
Differential and angular error measurement
Secondary side circuit load testing
Secondary winding ac withstand voltage
The second dc resistance test
A flow test
PT test: Volt ampere characteristic curve
Automatic calculation of curve inflection point
5% and 10% error curve
Ratio and polarity
Difference, angular difference measurement
Secondary side circuit load testing
Secondary winding ac withstand voltage
The second dc resistance test
3. Output keeping
Keeping boost function, used to measurement and detection and Secondary ac withstand voltage test. Keeping upwelling for the secondary loop check
4. True effective value sampling
All voltage and current signals are true and valid values sampling, please use the true effective value of the table to correct.
5. Single power supply, easy to operate
Only need a single input power supply, AC220V, abandon the backward means of which the individual manufacturers still need 380V power to achieve the technical requirements.
6. U disk save
The test data can be transmitted to the PC through the U disk, processed, displayed, printed and storage of data and curves by PC, which greatly facilitates the user report.
7. Date and clock
Instrument comes with the system time, device automatically records the test time during test, in order to store test records and view.
8. No contact test, high security
Fully computerized device, without manual contact after setting, the instrument fully automatic test which enable the test personnel to be far away from the high voltage circuit, to ensure the test personnel security.
9. Large output capacity
Single output power, AC voltage output up to 2000V, current output short time up to 25A; maximum current 1000A.
10. With large 8 inch color touch screen LCD
Screen resolution ration up to 800*600, high definition, full color touch operation leading domestic, interface background dream, the test directly shows the volt ampere curve, test record data, intuitive and convenient. The panel comes with a printer, can be printed at any time curve and test data.
11. Touch screen operation
Using the original touch technology of our company to operate. Full cancellation of the panel buttons, switches, control knob and other conventional controls. The operation is simple and convenient, and the service life is long.
12. Ultra large capacity data storage
Each function test can store 50 groups of test data, data power loss will not be lost forever, after test it can be printed through loading or upload to the computer to save, print. Instrument also has a single U disk data storage function, the field test data is saved to the U disk, so that the field test records unlimited storage.

Technical Parameter

Size ZWVA1000
Usage Class P/TP CT & VT
Output 0~180Vrms,12Arms,18A(peak value)
CT Ratio Range 1~40000
accuracy ±0.2%
PT Ratio Range 1~40000
accuracy ±0.2%
Phase Range ±5min
accuracy 0.5min
DC resistance Range 0~300Ω
accuracy 2%±2mΩ
Burden Range 0~300VA
accuracy 2%±0.2VA
Power supply AC220V±10%,50Hz
Environmental Conditions Operating temperature :-10οC ~50οC,Humidity :≤90%
Weight and Dimensions Dimensions:340 mm×300 mm×150mm,Weight<9kg


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