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How to ensure the safety of the circuit breaker?

Apr 10, 2024 | Company News, News

Before read the news, we need to know what is circuit breaker. A circuit breaker is an electrical switch. In the electrical system, it always be used to protect electrical circuits from damage. It can do that because it can check the faults of overcurrent/overload or short circuit. The basic function of a circuit breaker is to interrupt the current flow when a fault is detected by the protective relay. But how can we ensure the circuit breaker work as usual? There have two circuit breaker test sets can test if the circuit breaker works as usual.

The one circuit breaker test set is circuit breaker detector

The function of circuit breaker detector is to find the location of the circuit breakers in an electrical circuit. If we need to locate a specific circuit breaker, it is a good helper. By this way, we can quickly do maintenance, service, or repair work to the circuit breaker. In addition, these tools can detect the location of a circuit breaker by one or more methods to. We can choose the method we are used to complete the check.

  • Signal Transmission and Reception: A common method the worked used to use is to determine the location of a circuit breaker by sending a specific signal. Usually, the circuit would receive the signal. Then we can find the location of it. The principle of this method may involve communicating using wireless technology or wires.
  • Electric Field Detection: Circuit breaker detectors may utilize electric field detection technology to conduct the process. The workers can identify the location of a circuit breaker in a circuit by measuring changes in the electric field. If you cannot ensure the present of circuit breaker in the circuit, you can use the same way.
  • Magnetic Field Detection: And some circuit breaker detectors use magnetic field detection technology to detect circuit breakers in an electrical circuit. Usually, these tools may detect changes in the magnetic field associated with the circuit breaker. This information can be used to determine its location.

Overall, a circuit breaker detector is a tool used to determine the location of a circuit breaker in an electrical circuit. It can use different technologies to achieve this purpose. I believe that as the technology development quickly, there will have more methods of circuit breaker detector. These tools are useful for circuit maintenance and troubleshooting because they help users quickly and accurately locate the circuit breaker that needs inspection or repair.

circuit breaker tester

The other circuit breaker test set is circuit breaker tester

We need to know that it is different with the circuit breaker detector. Its function is evaluating the performance and operating status of circuit breakers. They are commonly used to test various types of circuit breakers. There have some testing it can do.

  • Operating time test: Circuit breaker tester can measure the operating time of a circuit breaker. This time is it takes for a circuit breaker to open a circuit when a fault is detected. It is critical to ensuring that the circuit breaker is able to interrupt the circuit in a timely manner when necessary.
  • Operating characteristic tests: They can evaluate the operating characteristics of circuit breakers, including the accuracy, stability and consistency of the action. This testing helps ensure that the circuit breaker can work as usual under a wide range of operating conditions.
  • Contact resistance measurement: By measuring the resistance of the contacts inside the circuit breaker, the quality and condition of its contacts can be evaluated. When we want to extend its life, we need to ensure the contact is high-quality contacts. High-quality contacts can ensure circuit breaker does not generate excessive heat or resistance during normal operation.
  • Fuse test: For fuses in circuit breakers, testing instruments can detect their fusing characteristics, including fusing speed and fusing capacity. This function can make it protect the circuit and associated equipment. Because it can ensure that the fuse blows quickly and reliably in the event of a fault,
  • Auxiliary function tests: Some circuit breaker test instruments can also perform other auxiliary function tests, such as contact gap inspection, insulation test, etc.

Overall, circuit breaker tester is very important to ensure the proper operation and safety of circuit breakers.