Transformer Testing

  • This instrument supports exhaustive ratio checking from minimal to outstandingly high values up to 10,000 without limits on measurable ranges.
  • Testing velocity is swift with individual phase assessments finished in merely five seconds, curtailing downtime. Configuration allows for assessment of Z-connection arrangements.
  • An array of helpful capacities are provided such as covert ratio determination straight from winding association, collective analysis, tap placement validation and additional tests.
  • Functions include covert transformation proportion estimation directly from winding association, clustered analysis, tap position confirmation, and more. Assessment of Z-connected transformers is likewise accessible.
  • Accelerated single-phase trials wrapping up in just five seconds minimize disruption while expansive estimation extend to 10,000 offers adaptability. An assortment of incorporated highlights encourage productive endorsement at all yields.

Company Profile

The company specializes in the research anddevelopment, production, sales, and service of electric power system automation testing equipment, providing customers with one-stop services.

Product Introduction

Turns ratio and voltage testing is essential at various stages for power transformers to ensure proper functioning when energized. Conventionally, transformer ratio testing entails a cumbersome bridge method measuring one phase at a time, requiring non-intuitive readings and unit conversions.

To improve efficiency throughout the manufacturing and operational monitoring processes, a new automatic multi-phase transformer ratio instrument has been developed. This overcomes limitations of previous testing styles.

Specifically, the new device conducts fast and accurate simultaneous ratio checks across all three phases. Eliminating unit conversions and sequential single-phase testing, it significantly streamlines the procedure. Transformers can now be thoroughly evaluated during production stages for unfinished or finished items, as well as during commissioning and long-term use within live networks.

By automating full three-phase transformer ratio assessment, the improved solution delivers direct output readings in an intuitive format. This greatly enhances testing efficiency compared to conventional bridge methods, supporting both quality assurance needs and condition monitoring best practices for power transformers.

Functional Characteristics

This automatic transformer ratio tester offers extensive measurement capabilities and efficient operation. It supports ratio verification from low to extremely high values up to 10,000 without range limitations.

Testing speed is rapid with single phase assessments completed in just five seconds, minimizing downtime. Configuration for Z-connection arrangement is possible.

An array of useful functions are provided such as unspecified ratio determination direct from winding connection, batched analysis, tap setting validation and additional tests.

Data handling is intelligent with power-off data preservation of time/date stamps and onboard memory to retain 50 test sets. Thermal printer yields fast, noiseless reports.

Safety features include high/low voltage reverse protection and insulation monitoring to avoid winding damage. A compact, lightweight design allows for portability between job sites.

With a full-featured design centered on rapid, accurate ratio affirmation; this instrument streamlines due diligence and condition evaluation for transformers of all kinds.

Technical Parameter

Range 0.9~10000
Accuracy 0.9~500 ±(0.1%±2 numeric)
500~2000 ±(0.2%±2 numeric)
2000~4000 ±(0.3%±2 numeric)
4000~10000 ±(0.5%±2 numeric)
Resolving power minimum 0.0001
Output voltage 160V/10V (Autoshift)
Working power AC220V±10%,50HZ(Don’t use the generator)
Working temperature –10℃~40℃
Relative humidity ≤80%RH No condensation


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