ZW1010 Insulation Resistance Tester

  •  It adopts 32-bit micro-controller control, full English operation interface, convenient operation and automatic measurement.
  • Display the measurement data every 5 seconds.
  • Fully automatic continuous sampling without manual triggering.
  • Using Windows operating system, has a super cable management system, and automatically generates test reports.

Company Profile

The company specializes in the research anddevelopment, production, sales, and service of electric power system automation testing equipment, providing customers with one-stop services.

Product Introduction

ZWJY1010 Insulation resistance tester dedicated to the measurement of water-cooled generator test, but also can be used for laboratory or field testing insulation testing to do. Output current greater than 5mA. The maximum output voltage of 10000V. Includes high-precision micro-current measurement system, digital boost system. Just use a high-voltage lines and a signal line connecting the test product can be measured. Automatic measurement, the results from the large screen liquid crystal display, and store the results.

Functional Characteristics

1. It adopts 32-bit micro-controller control, full Chinese operation interface, convenient operation and automatic measurement.
2. Automatic calculation and display of DAR, PI, DD and other measurement indicators, real-time display of measurement time, voltage measurement, and resistance measurement.
3. Display the measurement data every 5 seconds, such as 5″, 10″15″20″ and up to 600″, all displayed on the screen.
4. Digital and analog pointer dual display function. Real-time display of tested voltage and resistance data.
5.The waveform graph of insulation resistance and test time can be displayed.
6.The output current is large, and the short-circuit current is ≧5mA. Strong anti-interference ability, which can meet the on-site operation of ultra-high voltage substation.
7.Dedicated discharge circuit, rapid discharge of large-capacity samples.After the test, it will automatically discharge and display the discharge voltage in real time. The discharge time of 1uF capacitive test sample only needs about 3 seconds.
8. It comes with a rechargeable battery and charger, which can be used continuously for 6-12 hours when fully charged.
9. With RS232 serial port, with the function of computer operation instrument.

Technical Parameter

Size ZW1010
Display mode dual display of digital and analog pointers
Temperature measurement -45℃~125℃
Test voltage range 250v, 0.5Kv, 1KV, 2.5KV, 5KV, 10KV
Accuracy 10%±10V
Short circuit current ≧5mA
Measurement time 1 minute to 10 minutes (related to the measurement method)
Charging power supply 180~270VAC, 50Hz/60Hz±1% (mains or generator power supply)
Working environment temperature -10~40℃, relative humidity 20~80%.


Test voltage Measuring range andaccuracy Measuring range andaccuracy
250V 0.1M-1G 10% 1-10G 20%
500V 0.1M-20G 10% 20-200G 20%
1000V 0.1M-40G 10% 40-400G 20%
2500V 0.1-100G 10% 100-1000G 20%
5000V 0.1-200G 10% 200G-2000G 20%
10000V 0.1-200G 10% 200G-2000G 20%


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