ZWS480 Digital Earth Resistance Tester

  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • Good consistency in repeated testing

Company Profile

The company specializes in the research anddevelopment, production, sales, and service of electric power system automation testing equipment, providing customers with one-stop services.

Product Introduction

ZWS480 earth resistance and soil resistivity tester is specially designed and manufactured for ground resistance, soil resistivity, ground voltage, AC and AC voltage in combination with the new lightning-proof ground resistance testing standard. The testing current reaches 20mA. The digital and micro-processing technology, precision 4-wire method, 3-wire method and simple 2-wire method are used to measure ground resistance, importing FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) technology, AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) technology, with a unique function of anti-interference capability and the ability to adapt to the environment, consistency of repeat testing, to ensure high precision, high stability and reliability for prolonged measure, which is widely used in electric power, telecommunications,meteorology,oil field, construction, lightning protection, industrial electrical equipment and other earth resistance, soil resistivity,earth voltage, AC voltage measurement

Functional Characteristics

ZWS480 Earth Resistance Soil Resistivity Tester also named: Precise Earth Resistance Tester, 4-pole Earth Resistance Tester,2/3/4-pole Earth Resistance Tester, Soil Resistivity Tester, The ZWS480 earth resistance and soil resistivity tester is composed of host machine, data software, test line, auxiliary grounding rod, communication line and so on. The special toolbox design of the main engine uses polypropylene plastics as raw materials and adds a new type of composite filler for one-time injection molding. It has the advantages of low density, strength, stiffness, hardness, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and insulation.The box can withstand about 200 kg of pressure to ensure high precision, high stability and high practicability of various environmental tests.The host of large LCD display with backlight, bar graph indicating that can be seen clearly, it can store 2000 sets of data. Through data software,it can realize the functions of reading, consulting, saving, reporting and printing historical data.

Technical Parameter

Function Grounding resistance,loop resistance,conduction resistance and equipotential

connection resistance test soil resistivty and AC voltage test

Power DC 9VZi-Mn dry battery R14S 1.5V 6 PCS,continuous standby for 300 hours )
Back linht Controllable white screen backlight,suitable for use in darkfield
Testing method precision 4 wre 3wre testing,simple 2 wire test groundng resistance
Measure method Earth Resistance:rated current change-pole method,measurement current 20mA Max
Soil Resistivity.4-pole measurement (Wenner method)
Earth Voltage:average rectification(between P(S)-ES)
Range 234 wire method for measuring ground resistance (R):0.000Q~30000Ω
Soil resistivity (p):0.00Qm~9000kQm
Grounding voltage:AC 0.0~100.0V
Max.resolution 234 wire method for measuring ground resistance (R):0.0010
Soil resistivity (p):0.012m
Grounding voltage:0.1V
AcCuracy 234 wire method for measuring ground resistance (R):
Soil resistivity (p):depends on R accuracy
(p=2πaR a.1m~100m;π=3.14)
Grounding voltage:±2%rdg=3dgt
note:1.when rC max or rP max addtional tolerance st5%rdge5dgt .(rCmax4kΩ+100R<50kΩ,rP max4kN+100R<50k2)
2.Additional tolerance when 5V interferes voltage st5%rdg=5dgt.


testing voltage wave shape sine wave
Testing frequency 128H/111H/105H亿/94Hz(Automatic frequency selection)
Short circuit test current AC 20mA max
Open circuit test voitage AC 40V max
Electrode spacing 1m~100m


Shift Grounding resistance:0.0000~30000Ω Full automatic shit
Soil resistivity:0.000m~9000kOm Full automatic shift
test time Ground voltage:approx 2times/sec;ground resistance:apprax 7times/sec;soil

resistivity:approx 7times/sec

test times 5000times above( short dircuit test, test 1 time,Stop for 30 seconds and retest.)
citcut votae AC 600V below test


With RS232 interface, storage data can be uploaded to the computer and saved to print

grounding test

Can measure auxiliary earth resistance, 0.00K2-30000Ω(100R+rC<50kQ100R+rP<50kQ)
Alarm function When measuring value exceeds alarm setting value, there is “Toot-toot-toot alarm hint


Protection type IEC61010-1(CAT II 300V、CAT IV 150V、polution class2);

IEC61010-031;IEC61557-1(ground resistance);IEC61557-5(soil resistivity)

JJG 366-2004(ground resistance meter).

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