ZWDZ301S Power Quality Analyzer

  • Large screen imported color liquid crystal display
  • Conductive silicone keyboard, good touch, long life, reasonable design and easy to operate.
  • Conductive silicone keyboard, good touch, long life, reasonable design and easy to operate.
  • Small size, light weight, easy to carry.

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The company specializes in the research anddevelopment, production, sales, and service of electric power system automation testing equipment, providing customers with one-stopservices.

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Product Introduction

With the development of society, the electricity security is required to be more by people, HVCB burdens the dual-control and protection in electric system, whose performance relates to the operation of electric system. Mechanic parameter is one of indispensable parameter in analyzing the performance of breaker. The comprehensive characteristic tester of high-voltage switch , namely, the mechanic characteristic tester, is according to the latest version of < high-voltage AC circuit breaker> GB1984-2003 as design model, referring to the third part of PRC’s power industry standards <Genera technical specifications for high voltage test equipment>, and designing based on DL/T846.3-2004, which inspect various grades of voltages in high-voltage circuit breaker’s mechanic dynamic characteristic parameters about oil lack, oil excess, vacuum and sulfur hexafluoride, to provide convenience to many kinds of breakers.

Functional Characteristics

1. This instrument is a high-precision testing instruments, specially used to detect the power quality problems in the power network such as waveform distortion, harmonic content, voltage fluctuation and flicker, and three-phase unbalance. At the same time, it also has the function of electric parameter test and vector analysis.
2. Can accurately measure voltage, current, active power, reactive power, phase angle, power factor, frequency also other electrical parameters.
3. Can display vector diagram of voltage and current which been tested, and user can get the correct wiring of metering equipment by analyzing the vector diagram.
4. The current is measured by split-core type current transformer. it is convenient and safe to measure, since the operator does not need to disconnect the current loop when measuring with the current transfo rmer. The clamp table can be selected according to the user’s different measuring range.
5. It can measure and analyze the ac power quality supplied by the utility network to the client, includes frequency deviation, voltage deviation, voltage fluctuation, flicker, three-phase voltage allowable unbalance and power network harmonic.
6. It can display single – phase voltage and current waveform, and also can display three – phase voltage, current waveformat same time.
7. All test interfaces have a screen lock for userto read and analyse test data.
8. Load fluctuation monitoring: measure and analyze the fluctuation of power quality caused by various electrical equipment in different operation states.Periodically record and store the variation trend of voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, phase and other power paramet ers.
9. Dynamically monitor the adjustment and operation process of power equipment to help users solve the problems in the adjustment and operation process of power equipment.
10. Can test and analyze the dynamic parameters of reactive power compensation and filter device in power system,and make quantitative evaluation on its function and technical index.
11. Can set different storage interval time, and also can continuously store data at set interval time.
12. Large capacity data storage, storage interval time is adjustable from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. It can be stored continuously for more than 18 months at a time interval of 1 minute, which can satisfy the needs of long-term monitoring test sites.
13. The instrument has USB interface, which can conveniently copy the data directly to the background management computer.
14. With powerful data management software, real-time sampling data can be directly uploaded to the background management computer, in the background for more comprehensive and more rapid proces sing.
15. With calendar and clock function, real-time display date and time. It can save test data and results at the same time of field detection, then upload to the computer through serial port, and realize data microco mputer management through background management software (optional accessories), with powerful report function.
16. Large screen imported color liquid crystal display, operation interface and equipped with prompt message, multi-parameter display liquid crystal display interface, friendly man-machine dialogue interface.
17. If more then 3 minutes no operation LCD will automatically enter the power-saving mode to maximize the working time of the battery.
18. Conductive silicone keyboard, good touch, long life, reasonable design and easy to operate.
19. Built-in large capacity, high performance lithium ion rechargeable battery, full charge continuous work for more than 10 hours.
20. Small size, light weight, easy to carry, can be used for field measurement, but also can be used as a standard laboratory measuring equipment.

Technical Parameter

Size ZWDZ301S
Voltage measuring range 0~200V~800V, automatic cutting gear
Current measurement range Clamp transformers (three types):
5A / 25A (standard)
100A / 500A (optional)
400A / 2000A (optional)
Phase angle measuring range 0 ~ 359.99 °
Frequency measurement range 45 ~ 55Hz
Voltage channels three-channel (UA、UB、UC)
Current channels three-channel (IA、IB、IC)
Maximum harmonic analysis times 63 times
Maximum continuous storage period in 1 minute interval 18 months
Measurement of electrical parameters section Voltage: ± 0.2%
Frequency: ± 0.01Hz
Current, power: ± 0.5%
Phase: ± 0.2 °
Power quality section Fundamental voltage tolerance: ≤0.5% F.S.
Fundamental current tolerance: ≤1% F.S.
Phase between fundamental voltage and current measurement error: ≤0.2 °
Percentage of harmonic voltage measurement error: ≤0.1%
Percentage of harmonic current measurement error: ≤0.2%
Three phase voltage unbalance error: ≤0.2%
Voltage deviation error: ≤0.2%
Voltage fluctuation error: ≤0.2%
Working temperature -10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
Charging Power 220V AC, 45Hz-55Hz frequency
Host Power ≤3VA
Battery maximum working time ≤10 hours
Insulation 1) The insulation resistance between the voltage, current input terminal and the housing ≤100MΩ.
2) Withstand 1.5KV (valid value) with power frequency on operating power input and the shell, which lasts one minute.
Size 258mm × 158mm × 58mm
Weight 1.8Kg

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