ZWDZ440 Power Quality Analyzer

  • Simple operation
  • Advanced technology
  • High cost performance

Company Profile

The company specializes in the research anddevelopment, production, sales, and service of electric power system automation testing equipment, providing customers with one-stop services.

Product Introduction

Connectivity advantages
Model ZWDZ440
Suppot Extra sensor 4pcs BNC teminal 333mV CT4pcs BNC terminal 320mV current clamp4pcs BNC teminal Rogowski coll
Siorage 16GB Memory.USB DISK downloadsave intervals 1mins defaut
Poe 2*18650 lithium battery(wroking time:approx 10 hours)Or 5V DC power supply(included adaptor)


Mode ZWDZ44
Product component type Handheld poly-phase data logger power analyzer
Poles descriptio 3PH4W 3PH3W
Device application Power analysis
Data log
Input type Extemal Rogowski col
Extemal CT(333mV only
Display 3.5 inch TFT screen display
Samping rate 8k samples per second
Harmonic 51th in the mean tme
Mechanical charactensfics
Weight 850g(with Accessory 2kgs
Dimension L*W*D21.5*13*6CM

Real-Time Measuring

The following table lists the metering characleristics of the pover meler for the real-lime
measurement :

Characteristics Description
Cumen Per phase,neutral,and average of 3 phases
Voltage -L,L-N,and average of 3 phases,N-PE
Frequency 45.65 H2
Actwe povier Total and per phase (signed
Reactive powe Total and per phase (signed)
Apparent power Total and per phase(signed
Power factor (True) Total and per phase0.000to 1(signed
Angle Voltage angle.Current angle
Curent unbalance Fer phase,most unbalanced of 3 phases
Voltage unbalance most unbalanced of 3 phases

Minimum/Maximum Values

When any ome-second real-ime reading reaches its highest or lowest value,the power meler saves the minimum and maximum values in its nonvolatile memory.
From the power meter display,you can:

  • view all min./max.values since the last reset and the reset date and time.
  • reset min /max.values.

All running min.max.values are arthmetic minimum and maximum values.For example,the mirimum phase A-N voltage is the lowest value in the range from 0 to 999.9GV that has occurred since last reset of the min/max.values.

The power meter provides time stamping for all minimum/maximum values.

The following table lists the minimum and maximum values stored in the power meter:

Characteristics Descnption
Curent Per phase and average
Voltage per phase and average
Actve pover Per phase and total
Reactve povier Per phase and total
Apparent power Per phase and total

Demand Readings

The power meter provides the fallowing demand readings.

Characteristics Description
Curen Per phase and average
Active,reactive,apparent power Per phase and Tofa
Peak Demand Values
Curent Per phase and average
Actve,reactve,apparent power Per phase and Total

Demand Calculation Methods 

Power demand is the energy accumulated during a specied period divided by the length of the period.Curent demand is calculated using anithmetical integration of the current RMS values during a time period,divided by the length of the period. How the power meter performs this calculation depends on the selected method.To be compatible with electric utitybiling practices,the power meter prowides block interval powericurrent demand calculafions.

For block interval demand calculations,you select a block of time (interval)that the power meter uses for the demand calculation and the mode the meter uses to handle he interval.2 different modes are possible:

  • Fixed block-Select an interval fom 1 to 60 minutes (n 1 minute increments).The power meter calculates and updates the demand at the end of each interval
  • Siding block-Select an interval from 1 to 60 minutes (in 1 minute increments).For demand intervals less than 15 minutes,the value is updaled every 15 seconds.For demand intervals of 15 minutes and grealer,the demand value is updated every 60 seconds.The power meter displays the demand value for the last completed interval.

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