ZWDZ302P Power Quality Analyzer

  • Easy to use, large LCD screen display, high resolution
  • Built-in flash memory can store 60 group of screenshots at the same time, 150 groups of capture transient voltage/current waveform figure, and 12800 groups of alarm list.
  • Built-in 2G memory card to store the trend curve record, simultaneous recording 20 parameters (can choose according to need) collect data for once every five seconds, trend curve records can be stored for 300 days.

Company Profile

The company specializes in the research anddevelopment, production, sales, and service of electric power system automation testing equipment, providing customers with one-stop services.

Product Introduction

In the current power applications, more and more large power equipment, power grid fault have become more and more complex, with development of the industry, it put forward high request more and more to quality that electric energy. We provide this power quality analyzer for that, which you can troubleshoot of complex power system more quickly and accurate, and monitoring and maintenance of power quality parameters more comprehensive and systemic. Power Quality Analyzer also named: Intelligent Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer, Multifunctional Power Quality Analyzer, which simultaneous with the functions of harmonic Analyzer, phase volt-ampere meter, electric parameter tester. It apply to electricity industry, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway, mining enterprises, scientific research institution, metrological department. Especially suitable for comprehensive analysis and diagnosis on all the voltage, current, power, power, harmonic, phase electric parameters.

Functional Characteristics

1. This instrument is an embedded industrial computer, the main board is based on CortexTM-A8, the main frequency is 1GHZ, the flash memory is 1GB, and the boot speed is only 16 seconds. Large 9-inch color screen, windows operating system, intuitive user-friendly operation interface, touch screen, support Chinese and English input, which is convenient for on-site operators.
2. High-speed thermal printer, convenient for on-site printing of test data.
3. The integrated operating power supply in the machine eliminates the need for on-site secondary power supply, which is convenient and quick to use. It can provide DC6~270V adjustable power supply, current 20A. The operating voltage value of the opening and closing coil can be set arbitrarily, and the low voltage operation test of the circuit breaker can be done.
4. Equipped with linear sensor, rotation sensor, universal sensor, laser sensor (optional), bracket, special fixed multifunctional joint, installation is extremely convenient and simple.
5. Suitable for all types of SF6 switches, GIS combination electrical appliances, vacuum switches, and oil switches produced at home and abroad.
6. The switch action once, get all the data and graphics, the test data and graphics are displayed on the same screen, and the speed can be recalculated without retesting.
7. The host can store 30000 groups of current test data (expandable memory card), and the real-time clock in the machine is convenient for archiving.
8. Equipped with 2 USB ports, which can be connected to the mouse to operate the instrument, and the data can be directly saved to the U disk, uploaded to the computer for analysis and storage. RS232 interface online operation (optional), WIFI operation optional.
9. At the same time, it can measure 12 metal contact fractures, 6 main fractures and 6 auxiliary fractures, and 1 speed (optional for 3 speeds).
10. Contains the envelope curve, through the value tested by a switch, the standard envelope curve is generated for analysis and comparison, and the switch vibration frequency analysis can also be carried out.
11. The internal anti-interference circuit can satisfy the reliable use in 500KV substation.

Technical Parameter

Influence factor Test item Base condition, Working condition
Environment temperature All parameters (23±2)℃ -10°C~40°C
Relative humidity All parameters 40%~60% <80%
Phase-to-neutral voltage All parameters (100±1%)V 1.0V~1000V
Phase-to-phase voltage True RMS phase-to-phase voltage- (200±1%)V+ 1.0V~2000V
Current True RMS current (5±1%)A 10mA~1000A
Network frequency All parameters 50Hz±0.1Hz 40Hz~70Hz
Phase shift Active power and active energye Cosφ=1 Cosφ:0.2~1.0
Reactive power and reactive energy Sing=1 Sing:0.2~1.0
Harmonic All parameters <0.1% 0.0%~100%
Voltage unbalance All parameters <10% 0.0%~100%
Working voltage of device All parameters DC9.8V±0.1V DC9.5V~10.5V
External electric field,magnetic field All parameters Should be avoided+
Testposition Measured related parameters of current Tested wire at the center of clamp.


Power supply Rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs 9.6V,backup charger.
Battery indicator Battery symbol hows dump energy.When the voltage is too low,automaticshutdown after the 1 minute.
Power consumption Current consumption of normal test 490 mA.continuous working for 8 hours.
Display mode LCD color screen,640dots×480dots,5.6 inches,display domain:116mm×88mm.
Size of clamp 008B small sharp current clamp:7.5mm×13mm;040Bcircle current clamp:35mm×40mm;068Bcircle current clamp:68mm×68mm,300F Flexible Coil Current Sensor (with Integrator):φ300mm
Instrument dimensions L×W×H:240mm×170mm×68 mm.
Number of channels 4U/4I.
Phase-to phase voltage 1.0V~2000V,
Phase-to-neutral voltage 1.0V~1000V,


Phase-to phase voltage 1.0V~2000V.
Phase-to-neutral voltage 1.0V~1000V.
Current 008B current clamp:10mA~10.0A;040B current clamp:0.10A~100A;068B current clamp:1.0A~1000A;300F Flexible Coll Current Sensor (with Integrator):10A~3000A
Frequency 40Hz~70Hz,
Parameters of electricity W,VA,Var,PF,DPF,cosp,tang.
Energy parameters Wh.Varh,Vah.
Harmonic Order 0~50
Total harmonic distortion Order 0~50,each phase.
Expert mode Yes,
Number of Transient 150 sets.


Voltage flicker Yes.
Starting current mode Yes.100 seconds.
3 phases unbalance Yes.
Record 300 days(simultaneous recording 20 parameters,record one point every 5 seconds).
Min/Max recorded value Measurement of maximum and minimum values over a period of time.
Alam- 40 different types of parameter selections,12,800 sets alarm logs.
Peak Yes
Phasor diagram display Automatically.
Capacity of snapshots 60.
Menu language English/Chinese,
Communication USB,


Automatic switching off. When an alarm campaign is initiated or a search for transients,an inrush currentcapture,or a trend recording is pending or in progress.the device is not automatic switching off.
In other test mode, 15 minutes without keystrokes, automatic shutdown after prompt 1minute.
Backlight function. Yes, suitable for use at night and dark place.
Weight Host: 1.6kg (with battery).
008B small sharp current clamp: 170g×4;
040Bcircle current clamp: 190g×4;
068Bcircle current clamp: 510g×4;
300F Flexible Coil current Sensor (with Integrator) : 330g×4;
Test wires and power adapter: 900g;
Total weight: about 9.2kg (with packaging).
Length of voltage test wire 3m.


Length of current sensorwire. 2m.
Working temperature and humidity. -10°℃~40°C; below 80%Rh.
Storage temperature and humidity. -10°:C22C~60°C; below 70%Rh.
lnput impedance lnput impedance of test voltage:1MQ.
Withstand voltage. Withstand 3700V/50Hz sinusoidal AC voltage for 1 minute between instrument wiring and shell.
lnsulation Between instrument wiring and shell ≥10MQ.
Structure Double insulation, with insulation vibration-proof sheath.
safely rules IEC 61010 1000V cat ll / 600V CAT IV,IEC61010-031,IEC61326,Pollution degree:2.

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