ZWJD111 B Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester

With a microprocessor, automatically fulfill the withstand voltage test for oil circulation with a range of 0~100KV;
Display by large-screen LCD;
Simple operation.

Product Introduction

The Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester, your reliable assistant in the field of electrical testing! Utilizing advanced technology, it accurately measures the breakdown voltage of insulating oil, ensuring equipment safety and reliability. Easy to operate and suitable for various scenarios, it helps you quickly assess oil quality and prevent potential failures. Whether in the power industry or equipment manufacturing, this professional testing device meets your needs,enhancing work efficiency and providing a smoother operational experience!

Functional Characteristics

1. With a microprocessor, automatically fulfill the withstand voltage test for oil circulation with a range of 0~100KV (including boosting, maintaining, mixing, standing, calculation, printing and other operations).
2. Display by large-screen LCD and prompt by English menu.
3. Simple operation. The machine will automatically complete the withstand voltage test on one cup of sample oil after simple setting by the operator. Breakdown voltage value of 1 to 6 times and recurrent times
will be automatically saved. After the test, the thermal printer will print each breakdown voltage value and average value.
4. Power-down preservation. It can save 100 tested results and displaying current ambient temperature and humidity.
5. Adopt a single-chip microcomputer to boost the voltage at an even speed. The voltage is accurate at 50HZ, ensuring the whole process easy for control.
6. Equipped with over-voltage, over-current and limit protections to ensure the safety of operators.
7. With the function of displaying the measured temperature and system clock.
8. Communicate with computer with a standard RS232 interface.

Technical Parameter

Size ZWJD111
Basic technical parameters Booster capacity 1.5kva
Boost speed 0.5kV/s-5.0kV/s(adjustable)
Output voltage 0 ~ 80 kV(100kV)
Power supply distortion rate < 3%
Electrode gap Standard 2.5mm
Measuring accuracy: ±3%
Standing time 15min (adjustable)
Boosting interval 5 min (adjustable)
Boosting frequency 1~9 time(s) (optional)
Overall dimension 480mm*380 mm *420 mm
Conditions of use Ambient temperature 0 ~ 45℃
Relative humidity ≤75%RH
Working power AC 220V ± 10%
Power frequency 50 Hz ± 1 Hz
Power consumption < 200w

Product Details

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