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To check the transformer comprehensively by two testing.

Apr 3, 2024 | Company News, News

There have two testing can help us to ensure the safety of transformer. The one is hv testing, and the other one is SFRA testing. If you always touch the electrical industrial. You may know the important of hv testing equipment. It can help us to complete the important testing. In addition, hv testing equipment can be used in many industries too, such as all industries related to electricity. Using it rightly can help ensure the safety of the elements which are worked in the high voltage environment.

The principle of the hv testing equipment is o subject the equipment or components to voltages higher than their normal operating voltage to assess their insulation integrity, dielectric strength, and overall performance.

Les us know some common types of hv testing machine.

Before we know these machines, we need to acknowledge that we need the high voltage power supplies in all of the testing. High voltage power supplies are used to generate and supply high voltages to test objects such as cables and transformers.

Impulse Generators is one of the hv testing machine.

It always be used to test the insulation of equipment. The well ability of insulation can make the equipment against lightning strikes or switching surges.  The principle of the impulse generators is using capacitors to store energy and discharge it through the test object.

Surge Testers also belong to the hv testing machine.

It usually applies high voltage surges to test the insulation integrity and withstand capability of electrical equipment. Because it can generate high voltage impulses and apply them to the test object.

Insulation Resistance Testers is the common machine which belong to hv testing machine.

It always can help assess the quality of insulation and detect any insulation deterioration or contamination. Furthermore, it complete testing by applying a high voltage between the conductive parts of the equipment and measuring the resulting current flow.

Partial Discharge Detectors is one of the machines of hv testing machine too.

We can use partial discharge test hv cable and use it identify potential insulation weaknesses or defects in high voltage equipment. In addition, it can detect and analyze partial discharges occurring within insulation systems. As for its principle,

it can check the ultrasonic waves which generates by the partial discharges.

hv testing equipment.

Except this information, we also need to know the transformer SFRA test.

1.Preparation: Before conducting the SFRA test, the transformer needs to be properly prepared.

2.Measurement Setup: The SFRA test equipment is connected to the transformer windings.

3.Baseline Measurement: A baseline SFRA measurement is taken when the transformer is in a known good condition.

4.Test Execution: The SFRA test equipment generates a range of frequencies and measures the corresponding response of the transformer windings.

5.Data Analysis: The measured response data is analyzed to identify any deviations from the baseline measurement.

6.Interpretation: Trained personnel interpret the SFRA test results to assess the condition of the transformer.

7.Documentation and Reporting: The SFRA test results are documented and reported, along with any observations or recommendations for corrective actions.

That are the methods of the transformer SFRA test, we need to obey these methods to get the right result.